Magical Marketing: A Look at Vintage Magician Posters

These Vintage Magician posters are a fascinating glimpse into the world of magic and illusion from the past. These posters were created to promote magicians, illusionists, and other performers in the early 20th century and offer a glimpse into the aesthetics, design and marketing strategies of the time.

Many of these vintage magician posters feature bold and colorful graphics, often with an Art Nouveau or Art Deco influence. They often depict the magician in a dramatic pose, surrounded by mystical symbols and elements, such as stars, crescent moons, and other celestial imagery.

These posters were used for advertising magic shows in venues such as vaudeville theatres, carnivals, and circuses. They were also used to promote touring magicians, who would travel from town to town, performing illusions for audiences across the country.

Vintage magician posters are now highly sought after by collectors, who appreciate their artistic value and the historical significance they represent. They are considered as a unique piece of entertainment and graphic design history. Some of these posters have been sold at auction for thousands of dollars and are now considered valuable artifacts.

#1 Alexander the Man Who Knows II, Magician poster, 1915

#5 Newmann the Great (C .A. George Newmann) , Magic Poster.

#7 Thurston the Great Magician, the Wonder Show of the Universe, 1914

#11 Harry Kellar, Self Decapitation Magic Trick, 1897.

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