The Magazine that Defined a Century: The Rise, Fall, and Everlasting Impact of Success Magazine in the 1900

Established in 1897 by the visionary Orison Swett Marden, Success Magazine was not just another business journal. It was a trailblazer that spread the “New Thought Philosophy” across America. This philosophy was not about wealth or business strategies; it was about the power of positive thinking, mastering life skills, and cultivating discipline.

For those seeking motivation or a change in perspective, Success became their monthly dose of inspiration. Its pages were filled with tales of determination, advice on personal growth, and tools for self-improvement.

Mergers, Revivals, and Literary Giants

Though the magazine saw its initial run until 1911 before merging with The National Post, its impact was such that it saw revival attempts not once, but twice. First re-emerging as the New Success in 1918, and then once more in 1921 under its original moniker, Success was a name that just couldn’t be kept down for long. However, by the end of 1921, the magazine evolved into New Age Illustrated, marking an end to its illustrious era under the ‘Success’ title.

But what made Success truly memorable were its contributors. Literary stalwarts like Napoleon Hill, Samuel Merwin, and W. Clement Stone graced its pages. Their writings not only educated but inspired a generation to believe in themselves and aim for the stars.

A Visual Treat: The Covers of Success

The ethos of the magazine was reflected not just in its content but its presentation. The covers of Success Magazine from the 1900s were nothing short of artworks. Vibrant, detailed, and often symbolic, these covers captured the imagination of the readers even before they turned the first page. As you browse through the images below, each cover stands as a testament to the era it represented, echoing the aspirations and ambitions of a generation.

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