Rare Historical Photos Of Old Baltimore From the 20th Century

Baltimore is the largest, most populous and economic hub of Maryland. It was established in 1729 and named after Lord Baltimore. Initially, the city was seaport and shipbuilding centre and used for shipping tobacco and grain, and soon local waterways were being harnessed for flour milling. In the 19th Century, the city thrived and became trade Centre. There were dozens of flour mills. At the end of the American Civil War, the economy and progress were slowed down; however, the city recovered gradually and manufacturing replaced the trade. Several new industries were established, including clothing, canning, iron, automobile and tobacco. The construction of new housing was a significant factor in Baltimore’s economy.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, a great catastrophe struck when a fire destroyed most of the downtown and vanished 1500 buildings in 1904. Damages were estimated at $150 million at that time. After that, the city was rebuilt with better planning, and the Great fire led to improvements in firefighting equipment standards. Baltimore served as important shipbuilding and supply-shipping centre during World War II. The Bethlehem-Airfield Shipyard produced 384 Vessels and 45 amphibious landing ships in just four years.

Here are some stunning historical photos of old Baltimore from the early 20th Century that show streets, roads, buildings, landmarks and everyday life.

#2 Man sleeping in the Baltimore fish market, July 1938

#4 A chestnut vendor, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1905

#7 A worker at the Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, May 1943

#8 John Slebzak, working on the Bottomley farm near Baltimore with his family, 1909

#10 Supporters of House Speaker Champ Clark for president at the Democratic nominating convention in Baltimore, June 1912.

#12 Fighting the fire on Baltimore Street during the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904

#13 One of the small boys in J.S. Farrand Packing Co. and a heavy load, Baltimore, 1909

#14 Workers stringing beans in the J.S. Farrand Packing Co, Baltimore, Maryland, July 1909

#15 Another look at the lineup on Laurel Speedway’s board track, July 11, 1925

#16 Light Street looking north, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1906

#18 Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, May 1943

#19 Electric Railway Powerhouse, Baltimore Fire of 1904

#20 Church of the Messiah in flames, Baltimore Fire, 1904

#22 Buildings on Baltimore Street dynamited to stop the flames, Baltimore Fire, 1904

#23 Bennett Clark, son of Champ Clark druing Democratic National Convention, Baltimore, 1912

#25 The Continental Building, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1906

#27 Payday for the stevedores, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1905

#29 Men unloading banana steamer, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1905

#30 Union Station showing Charles Street and Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1917

#32 Johns Hopkins University from Washington Monument, Baltimore circa 1903

#36 Students and workers returning home on a trolley, Baltimore, April 1943

#37 Two women rushing to catch the trackless trolley, Baltimore, April 1943

#41 Garages in alley behind row houses, Baltimore, Maryland, July 1938

#42 House in Negro section of Baltimore, Maryland, July 1938

#43 Women working on Keypunch Terminal, Baltimore, 1937

#44 Guilford Avenue at Saratoga Street, Baltimore, Maryland, April 1943

#46 Workers hurrying to catch a conveyance for their jobs at 7 a.m, Baltimore, Maryland, April 1943

#47 Goucher College, Towson, Maryland, April 24, 1953

#48 A Dairy truck at 410 E Baltimore St, Taneytown, April 1943

#49 Payday for the stevedores, Baltimore, Maryland, 1905

#50 Pimlico racetrack near Baltimore, Maryland, May 1943

#51 Electric welders working on the Liberty ship Frederick Douglass at the Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland, May 1943

#52 Goucher College, Towson, Maryland, April 24, 1953

#53 Carol Lee, Ray Steward, Howard H., Baltimore, Oct. 31, 1957

#54 Trolleys inside the Park Terminal at night, Baltimore, April 1943

#55 Trolley leaving the terminal at night, Baltimore, April 1943

#56 Goucher College, Towson, Maryland, April 24, 1953

#57 Looking up North Charles Street from Washington Monument, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1906

#58 Trucks and trains unloading goods underneath elevated trolley, Baltimore, Maryland, April 1943

#59 Baltimore, Maryland. Crowded bus carrying people to work, Baltimore, April 1943

#60 Reliable Hams at 428 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland, 1943

#61 Traffic jam on the road from the Bethlehem Fairfield shipyard to Baltimore, April 1943

#62 Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, May 1943

#63 Third-shift defense workers getting snack at drugstore, Baltimore, April 1943

#64 Workers waiting on a street corner to be picked up by car pools around midnight, Baltimore, 1943

#65 Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland, May 1943

#66 Library interior of Goucher College, Baltimore, April 24, 1953

#67 Middle River, a small crossroads in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland, August 1943

#68 Baltimore Transit bus with trolleys of 1917, Baltimore, Maryland, April 1943

#69 A Peanut seller North East corner of the intersection of E. Baltimore St. & Holliday St., 1943

#70 Confederate Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument, Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore circa 1903

#71 Ship painters loaded on a truck at Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard, Baltimore, May 1943

#72 Baltimore-Washington Boulevard. U.S. Highway No. 1. Baltimore, Maryland, June 1940

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