Fascinating Photos Show Street Life of Dublin in the early 1980s

The early 1980s were marked by the onset of an economic recession in Dublin, but growth picked back up as the economy began to improve. Two of the most famous shopping centers, Powerscourt and Stephens Green, were opened in the early 1980s.

Dublin celebrated its millennium in 1988. It sparked much thought and discussion about its past and future, particularly about the quality of life in its urban areas. Although Dublin was founded in 841, an Irish king forced the townspeople to pay taxes to him in 988. Dublin becomes an Irish town for the first time that year. A Jewish Museum opened in 1985, and the Anna Livia Fountain was built in O’Connell Street in 1988.

Below are some fascinating photos that show what Dublin looked like in the 1980s by

Written by Aung Budhh

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  1. Although these photos were taken between 1980 and 1983, most fashion, shop fronts, and cars remained the same until the mid-1990s. The 90s were new and shiny, showing how wealth was divided between there and Ireland. During that time, Dublin had made significant strides. I went back two years later, but I didn’t see the same progress.

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