Historical Photos of Horrific Accidents in Amsterdam from the 1940s

There are fewer cars on the road in Amsterdam these days and a lot more pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, public transportation is becoming more popular. These changes in the city have forced Amsterdam’s city council to make some critical traffic safety decisions. In 2011, Amsterdam conducted its first comprehensive study of traffic behavior. Nearly all accidents were caused by human error, according to the report. In interviews with study participants, it was discovered that cyclists suffer the most severe injuries, while pedestrians run red lights more frequently than cyclists do.

A recent study found seniors are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents if they have balance issues, slow reaction times, and turn left at intersections or cross the road in traffic. These problems are being dealt with by installing traffic lights at intersections to make it easier for drivers to turn left or continue straight.

Below are some historical accidents scenes of cars, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, trams, buses, trains, boats, airplanes, and pedestrians in Amsterdam from the 1940s.

#1 Accident with a gully suction truck at the City Cleaning, Stadhouderskade, June 27, 1952

#2 Collision at the corner of Nieuwe Herengracht and Weesperstraat at De Kleine Bazar, Amsterdam, September 12, 1949

#3 Truck of the Dutch Railways hit the tram, half on its side, Raadhuisstraat, Amsterdam, April 14, 1947

#6 Collision between tram 1 and a British-made truck (Fordson), Overtoom corner Nassaukade, Amsterdam, April 1946.

#7 Overturned car of the Post Office, Hobbemastraat corner Jan Luijkenstraat, Amsterdam, September 4, 1947

#8 A car being pulled from the canal in Amsterdam, 1940s.

#11 Practical assignment for press photographers in training of the Dutch Association of Photojournalists, Amsterdam, 10 May 1948

#12 Delivery struck by the shop window in Amsterdam, 1940s.

#13 A line 35 bus was trapped by the water and flooded and sustained major damage, 1965.

#16 Haarlem tram has been hit in the side by a truck, Admiraal de Ruyterweg corner Jan van Galenstraat, Amsterdam, October 7, 1946

#17 A car being pulled from the canal in Amsterdam, 1940s.

#18 A car being pulled from the canal in Amsterdam, 1945.

#19 Car (Vauxhall 14-6) is towed out of the canal by Garage Slagboom, Herengracht 248, Amsterdam, November 7, 1949

#20 Express train from the North derailed around midnight at Hilversum station, June 13, 1949

#22 Fallen tree (elm) on the Herengracht corner of Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam, August 1, 1949

#24 Locomotive of the express train Apeldoorn is derailed at the Dijksgracht, the driver Mr. Broekman from Amersfoort was killed, Amsterdam, October 9, 1946

#25 DC-6 flew into a dike during a training flight, Schiphol, 1 May 1948

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