Beautiful Life of Amsterdam in the 1960s Through the Lens of Leonard Freed

Leonard Freed was an American documentary photographer and long-time Magnum Photos member. He wanted to be a painter but discovered an entirely new passion when taking photographs in the Netherlands. His first adventure was in Africa and Europe before returning to the United States, where he studied with Art Director Alexey Brodovitch at The New School.

Freed moved to Amsterdam in 1958, and he worked as a freelance photojournalist for much of the 1960s. His career flourished during the American civil rights movement. He met Martin Luther King Jr. while walking with him on his celebrated march across Alabama to Washington.

He joined Magnum Photos in 1972 and contributed to several magazines. Later in his career, Freed traveled to Italy, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon, and the United States. He also shot four films for Japanese, Dutch, and Belgian television.

Below are some fascinating photos that document everyday life of Amsterdam in the 1960s by Leonard Freed.

#5 People wait for a tram outside of Centraal Station, 1964

#20 An Indonesian child arrives at a refugee camp in Holland, Amsterdam, 1964

#23 A Salvation Army Christmas dinner for poor women, Amsterdam, 1964

#24 Salvation Army workers sing in the Red Light District, Amsterdam, 1964

#25 Salvation Army workers sing Christmas songs to homeless men, Amsterdam, 1964

#27 Sukkoth service in a Jewish-Portuguese synagogue, Amsterdam, 1961.

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