Rare Historical Photos of the Tram Accidents in Amsterdam from the 20th Century

In Amsterdam, the city’s tram network is one of the most popular transportation options. Amsterdam Central Station is the endpoint of many tram lines in the city. Blue and white are distinguished by a famous bell that rings out to attract pedestrians and cyclists in their vicinity. Trams offer one of the quickest ways to get around the city center and across Central Station.

History of Trams in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a long history of Trams dating back to 1875 when the first horse-drawn tramway was opened. It connected Plantage and the Leidseplein, and was operated by AOM (Amsterdamsche Omnibus Maatschappij), founded in 1872 by Karel Herman Schadd, among others. Horse trams were once standard in Amsterdam, running through the busy streets, linking all the neighborhoods on the Singel with Dam Square and through newly built neighborhoods.

The city of Amsterdam took over AOM on 1 January 1900. The company is now known as Gemeentetram Amsterdam (GTA). In addition to the company, 242 tram cars, 758 horses, and 15 buildings were acquired. Only one tram line was electrified between 1900 and 1906. In addition, the AOM’s unusual track gauge of 1,422 mm was converted to a 1,435 mm standard gauge in 1916. The last remaining Amsterdam horse tramway was electrified in 1916. A former horse tramway in Sloten was taken over by the GTA five years after Amsterdam annexed the municipality of Sloten. By 1922, this tram-hauling bus line, which connected Overtoom with Sloten, was converted into a conventional bus network.

The tramway network reached its greatest extent in 1931, with 25 tram lines. These trams made it possible to reach all districts of the city. The fleet grew to 445 motorized trams and approximately 350 trailers between 1900 and 1930. All of these vehicles had twin axles and wooden bodies. Tram service was reduced during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Between 1940 and 1945, trams carried large crowds and faced a crisis. A coal shortage caused several lines to be suspended before the full service ceased in October 1944. A large number of trams were shipped east. After World War II, tram service was resumed in June 1945, initially with limited service.

Below are some rare historical photos of Tram accidents in Amsterdam from the 20th Century.

#1 Tram 9 derailed near the Physiological Laboratory in Rapenburgerstraat 136, Amsterdam, February 7, 1951.

Tram 9 derailed near the Physiological Laboratory in Rapenburgerstraat 136, Amsterdam, February 7, 1951.

Under the tip of the derailed trailer, on the edge of the sidewalk, the spot where the postman ended up

#2 Haarlem tram, the narrow gauge line from the Amsterdam Spui to Haarlem, collided with a truck with a trailer derailed on the Admiraal de Ruyterweg, February 15, 1950

#3 Haarlem tram, derailed, Spuistraat corner Paleisstraat, 25 February 1952.

#4 Collision between tram 1 and a British-made truck (Fordson), Overtoom corner Nassaukade, Amsterdam, April 1946.

#5 Tram 3 involved in a collision at the Frederik Hendrikplantsoen, Amsterdam, April 6, 1956.

#6 Truck of the Dutch Railways hit a tram, half on its side, April 14, 1947.

#7 Tram 9 is placed on the rails with united force after a collision with a municipal garbage truck on the Plantage Middenlaan, June 25, 1948.

#8 Tram 4 enters the Amstel, Amsterdam, September 6, 1950.

#9 Tram 4 misses the bend at the Bakkersstraat enters the Amstel, September 5, 1950

#10 Traffic accident, pile-up of cars and trams on the Rozengracht, Amsterdam, September 14, 1951.

#11 Chain collision of trams on Damrak, overview from the Beurs van Berlage, , September 18, 1951.

#12 Haarlem tram has been hit in the side by a truck, Admiraal de Ruyterweg corner Jan van Galenstraat, Amsterdam, October 7, 1946

#13 The Haarlem tram off the rails, the press on the spot, Raadhuisstraat corner Spuistraat, Amsterdam, November 1, 1949

#14 Traffic accident with tram 1 on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal near the Nieuwe Kerk, 13 December 1951

#15 Car collision with tram 7 in the Witte de Withstraat, Amsterdam, December 18, 1955.

#18 Collision between a passenger car and tram line 10 in the van Limburg Stirumstraat corner of Hogendorpstraat, Amsterdam. 5 February 1959

#19 Car under a tram of line 16. Weteringplantsoen in Amsterdam, November 22, 1947

#20 Auto onder tram van lijn 16. Weteringplantsoen, Amsterdam, 22 november 1947.

#21 Car accident Surinameplein at Haarlemmermeerstraat, line 17 in collision with passenger car, 1 death. January 8, 1964

#22 Car accident Surinameplein at Haarlemmermeerstraat, line 17 in collision with passenger car, January 8, 1964

#23 Tram car collision with Frederiksplein delivery van, February 12, 1957.

#24 Damaged tram of the Amsterdam-Haarlem-Zandvoort line during the First World War, 1918.

#25 Tree fell on tram at Amsterdam Central Station due to heavy storm. November 13, 1972

#26 Tree fell on tram at Amsterdam Central Station due to heavy storm.

#27 Collision at the corner of Wibautstraat-Ruysstraat between line 3 and bus NZH. The tram that the bus collided with, November 19, 1963.

#28 Collision line 7 with truck Plantage Kerklaan. December 11, 1956

#29 Collision tram and trailer. Bos en Lommerplein. June 23, 1961

#30 Tram collision in Amsterdam, Admiraal de Ruyterweg at the intersection with Jan van Galenstraat.October 7, 1946

#31 Tram collision in Amsterdam, Admiraal de Ruyterweg at the intersection with Jan van Galenstraat.

#32 Clash of tram with bus, corner Elandsgracht-Nassaukade. August 4, 1970

#33 Collision of tram with truck. Koeneman & Sons Sappermeer in Amsterdam. August 3, 1956.

#34 Collision of tram Nassaukade corner Kinkerstraat with ESA bus. Overview with ambulance. August 4, 1970

#35 Collision between line 3 and line 3 on the Insulindeweg the trams collided, October 9, 1960

#36 Collision between tram and beer car in Amsterdam. Plantation Muidergracht corner Roeterstraat with line 7. September 17, 1959

#37 Collision between trams on the Middenweg, railcar of line 9 in the rear balcony of the instruction car, July 11, 1960.

#39 Collision truck and Line 13 in the Jan Evertsenstraat, March 13, 1961

#40 Bus against tram at the corner of Stadionweg-Amstelveenseweg, October 29, 1962

#42 The tram of line 24 has run off the rails in a traffic accident on the Stadionweg. November 30, 1966

#43 Tram collision on the Weteringschans, May 6, 1972.

#44 Italian truck rams into tram line 3 in Amsterdam, January 21, 1960.

#45 Line 13 off the rails at Slotermeerlaan in Amsterdam, November 4, 1968.

#47 Line 4 in the Amstel, Amsterdam. September 6, 1950.

#48 Collision of tram with lorry of Koeneman & Zonen Sappermeer. August 3, 1956 .

#50 Around half past four on the Amsterdam Weteringcirc tram line 16 derailed in the direction of Stadionplein, December 30, 1980

#51 NZH tram derailment after collision with truck. Meeuwenlaan near the old Droogdokmij. September 26, 1946

#52 Tram derailment on Damrak Amsterdam, October 24, 1956.

#53 Derailment of line 7 in the Jan Evertsenstraat, September 5, 1960

#54 Police van collides with tram on Martelaarsgracht in Amsterdam, August 18, 1978.

#55 Tram 16 derailed on the Amsterdam Weteringcirc in the direction of Stadionplein, December 30, 1980.

#56 Singelgracht at Nassauplein Motor car 9 of tram line 18 derailed by a lump of snow and hit the water. January 2, 1924

#57 Tanker against tram line 10 in Amsterdam, February 8, 1967.

#58 Tram car collision Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal, May 3, 1951.

#59 Tram is derailed in a curve due to bolt in the rails. Roeterstraat corner Sarphatistraat, August 23, 1961.

#60 Tram line 1 collides head on with car on Amstelveenseweg, 1 dead. The totally destroyed, August 27, 1964.

#61 Tram line 24 collides with fire truck in Ferdinand Bolstraat corner 1e Jan Steenstraat, 11 september 1953.

#62 Tram with four cars in collision Amsteldijk, October 25, 1950.

#63 Tram derailed on Dam Square, Amsterdam. September 5, 1972

#65 Tram against trees in Sarphatistraat. August 23, 1961

#66 Tram flew around the bend and collided with the house, July 23, 1986

#67 Tram out of the bend on the corner of Weesperzijde and Ruyschstraat in Amsterdam, October 22, 1970.

#68 Tram of line 1 in full speed against a car on the Amstelveenseweg corner Zocherstraat, April 28, 1964

#69 Tram off rails at Weteringscircuit, January 17, 1966

#70 Line 7 gone off the rails at Frederiksplein, August 8, 1968

#71 Tram collision Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam, November 6, 1951

#72 Tram collision in Sarphatistraat destroyed railcar of line 7, September 18, 1959

#73 Tram collision line 3 in Wijttenbachstraat, derailed railcar, October 18, 1960.

#74 Tram collision with lorries on the Nassaukade, August 11, 1959.

#75 Tram collision at intersection Nassaukade Kinkerstraat, November 22, 1955.

#76 Tram 27 runs in shop corner Kinkerstraat Nassaukade, December 15, 1964

#77 Tram accident Jonas Daniel Meijerplein. Traffic cop (standing there with traffic sign), February 7, 1951.

#78 Tram collision on the Weteringschans, Front of one of the destroyed trams. May 6, 1972

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