Cycling in Amsterdam: Fascinating Historical Photos from the Bicycle Capital of the World in the 20th Century

Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities globally, with excellent bicycle infrastructure, planning, and funding. In some areas, there are safety concerns as well as a high number of bike thefts. There are numerous bicycle paths and racks in Amsterdam, guarded bicycle parking stations, and traffic-calmed streets. Even though Amersterdam is well-known for its bicycle culture, many other Dutch and global cities are more bike-friendly, including The Hague, Eindhoven, and Almere, nominated for the Fietsstad 2014 awards. Among the most popular bicycles in Amsterdam are the Omafiets, a Dutch roadster with a step-through frame, modern city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and even recumbent bicycles.

People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of cycling, from small children to aging adults. It has a wide range of intensity to suit a wide range of abilities. Additionally, it is fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly. It is one of the simplest ways to get regular exercise and your routine to commute to work or shop. There are an estimated one billion bicycle riders in the world every day.

Below are some fascinating historical photos from the 1950s to 1990s that depict the bicycle culture of Amsterdam.

#1 Couple of cyclists on a street in central Amsterdam, 1950s.

#2 International Worlds Championship Road Race at Amsterdam , 1950s

#3 Cyclists Preparing to Race the 1,000 meters sprint during the third series, 1950s.

#5 Traffic scene on one of the principal streets of the Dutch capital. It includes bicycles, automobiles, trucks, trolleys, buses, pedestrians, and freight boats on the canal, 1950s.

#6 A vintage postcard featuring a troupe of performing lady cyclists posing in their costumes, Amsterdam, 1920s.

#7 A policeman writing out a ticket for a cyclist in Amsterdam, 1924.

#9 Cyclist with special hand warmers on a bike in the city Vintage property of ullstein bild in Amsterdam, 1930s.

#10 Woman with groceries on a bicycle in Amsterdam, 1938.

#11 Anne Frank’s sister Margot standing next to her bicycle in Amsterdam, 1938.

#12 Anne Frank’s sister Margot cycling at Merwedeplein in Amsterdam, May 1939.

#13 The famous Dutch bicycle regiment at attention in Amsterdam, 1940.

#14 A boy repairing an old-fashioned bicycle on a road in Amsterdam, 1946.

#15 A street by a canal in Amsterdam with bicyles, 1965.

#16 Beatle John Lennon tries out a bicycle he received as a gift while his new wife, Yoko Ono, stands by in Amsterdam, 1969.

#17 Cyclist in an Amsterdam street deserted by cars, during fuel shortages caused by the first oil shock, 1973.

#18 Cyclist in an Amsterdam street deserted by cars, during fuel shortages, 1973.

#19 People getting around the town by bicycle in Amsterdam, 1975.

#20 People getting around the town by bicycle in Amsterdam, Holland, 1975.

#21 An elderly cyclist taking his poodle for a ride in Vondel Park, Amsterdam, 1975.

#24 A cyclist holding an umbrella riding through the rain in Amsterdam, 1976.

#25 A mother with her child cycling through Autumn leaves in Vondel Park in Amsterdam, September 1976.

#26 Peter Davison and Janet Fielding riding round Amsterdam, 1982.

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