Vikki Dougan Made The Best Exits: Stunning and Provocative Style That Popularized the Backless Dress

Vikki Dougan is a former model famous for her appealing and provocative styles. She became the New York Skate Queen champion in 1948. She made money as a model while taking classes for acting. Although she had small roles in a few movies including Back from Eternity and Tunnel of Love, however, she never really made it as an actress.

Dougan became famous for her backless dress; the dress was cut down to just above the gluteal cleft. It was the idea of a Hollywood publicist, Milton Weiss. When she walked through the Los Angeles streets wearing the backless dress, she received extraordinary attention. Dougan wore this outrageously provocative dress in parties, public appearances and several other places where she would be noticed. Soon local photographers and newspapers featured Miss Dougan’s bare spinal column, and gangsters began originating such cracks as, “Vikki Dougan makes the best exits in town.” She was also banned from some parties because her style was drawing too much attention. These incidents also received press attention.

Dougan married William Symons at the age of 16, and she had a daughter from him. The marriage lasted for two years. After numerous connections with male celebrities, including Frank Sinatra and Glenn Ford, she married James R. Sweeney. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted for one and a half years. Vikki Dougan featured in several renowned magazines including playboy and appeared once on the cover of Life Magazine.

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