50+ Stunning Fashion Photos From 1950s and 60s by Lionel Kazan

Fashion in the 1950s and 1960s was diverse; there were fresh silhouettes and light colors. Advances in clothing, makeup, and cosmetics lead the way for fantastic new beauty looks. Fashion magazines like Bazaar, Charm, and Vogue increased product advertising, bringing designer fashions into every home. The full, billowy skirt with half sleeves, V neck, and natural waistline was quite popular in the 50s and 60s. Pencil skirts were introduced in 1954 by Christian Dior, and they quickly became trendy, particularly for office wear. The early 1960s gave popularity to drainpipe jeans and capri pants, which Audrey Hepburn wore. Have a look at these stunning photographs that perfectly capture the fashion of the 50s and 60s by Lionel Kazan. He started photography at the age of twelve when he received a camera from Marc Allégret. It was the beginning of his passion and future vocation. Lionel produced 92 cover photographs for ELLE magazine from 1953 to 1965. He also worked for popular fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

#1 Dolores Hawkins in white two-piece, photo by Lionel Kazan, Glamour, July 1960

#2 Dolores Hawkins, for the cover of Greek magazine Oheaypoe, 1960

#5 Bettina Graziani, quai de Béthune, Paris, Elle, July 1954

#6 Bettina Graziani,variant used for cover of Elle, July 1954

#7 Suzy Parker in dress by Jean Patou on the roof of the Louvre Museum, Elle, July 1954

#8 Bettina Graziani, cover of Nouveau Femina, March 1955

#9 Bettina poses in an embroidered dress by Lempereur, photo Elle, May 30, 1955

#15 Barbara Mullen in striped hooded top and pants by Christian Dior Boutique, photo by Lionel Kazan, Greece, Elle, 1956

#19 Lucinda Hollingsworth is wearing a full-skirt party dress with chrysanthemum print on red background by Rappi in silk surah, February 1958

#20 Model wearing party dress with nasturtium print on white background by Kasper of Arnold & Fox, and a straw hat by John Frederics Charmer, February 1958

#22 Model in evening dress of jet-spangled lace and burgundy velvet by Samuel Winston, diamond jewelry by Harry Winston, opera pumps by Andrew Geller, October 1, 1960

#24 Pia Kazan in gorgeous satin gown with bead-embroidered bodice by Sophie for Saks Fifth Avenue, September 1960

#25 Pia Kazan in spectacular dress of silk chiffon in two layers of black over forest green with a deep V-back, by Scaasi who also designed the earrings, Vogue, October 1, 1960

#27 Gudrun Bjarnadottir, detail of Juvena beauty products ad, 1963

#29 Mickey in midnight blue velvet skirt and tapestry jacket with large satin bow, Elle, October 1964

#30 Mickey in peacock blue and gold brocade evening coat, Elle, October 1964

#31 Tamara Nyman, photo by Lionel Kazan for cover of Novella magazine, 1964

#33 Agneta Frieberg wearing Germaine Monteil makeup and an orange dress by Sloat with matching headband, June 1965

#41 Model Pia Rossilli Kazan in lingerie by Vanity Fair, 1966

#42 Model Pia Rossilli Kazan in lingerie by Vanity Fair, 1966

#43 Glamour fashion editor Frances Patiky Stein, in white cotton duck trousers, black organdy shirt, 1965

#44 Model wearing red and white checked blouse over navy shift, 1964

#46 Dorian Leigh and Enid Boulting in ensembles by Givenchy and Lanvin-Castillo, 1955

#50 Enid Boulting in velvet dress by Jacques Fath, 1956

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