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Glamourous Fashion Portraits of Celebrities From 1950s and 1960s by Tony Vaccaro

Tony Vaccaro is a talented fashion and lifestyle photographer known for his brilliant work during the 1940s. During World War II Vaccaro joined the U.S. military and was sent to Europe as a private in the 83rd Infantry Division. His usual position as a scout provided him with the opportunity to take photographs. He took over eight thousand photographs and BBC described him as the war’s greatest combat photographer.

After returning from WWII, Vaccaro began photographing celebrities and fashion photoshoots. He worked for Life, Newsweek, Flair, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Vaccaro photographed some of the famous personalities of the 20th century including John F. Kennedy, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, Marlene Dietrich, Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’ Keeffe, Maria Callas, and more.

Here below are some beautiful photos of classic celebrities taken in the 1950s and 1960s by Tony Vaccaro.

#1 Model in bathing suit, rooftop pool at Hotel Caribe Hilton, Puerto Rico, 1951

#3 Mary Jane Russell, New York City, Flair magazine, 1951

#5 Maria Reachi wearing cut-out paper lashes, Good Housekeeping, 1952

#7 Fashion photo by Tony Vaccaro, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, LOOK, 1956

#8 Ivy Nicholson in evening gown by unidentified Italian designer, Appian Way, Rome, 1956

#11 Mary Hilem in large polka-dot jumpsuit, LOOK, 1958

#17 “Guggenheim Hat”, Isabella Albonico, LOOK magazine, 1960

#19 Model in elegant bouclé suit by Givenchy at Givenchy’s salon, Paris, June 1960

#20 Model in sequined top and skirt evening gown by Givenchy, Paris, June 1960

#21 Broadway star and dancer Gwen Verdon, New York City, 1963

#25 Model in elegant wool dress at the TWA terminal, Idlewild Airport, 1964

#29 Monique Chevalier’s face in cut-out, Home Companion, 1965

#30 Baroness Fiona von Thyssen (Fiona Campbell-Walter), Monte Bianco, Italy, 1967

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