50+ Glamorous Portraits of Victorian Women That Defined Fashion Styles Of Victorian Era

The clothing of Victorian women was highly depended on the class. Clothes were seen as a symbol of class and wealth. Women who belonged to rich class wore dresses made from silk, which was quite expensive at that time. And the lower-class women usually wore simple clothes made from cotton, linen, and lesser coarser fibers. Gowns with boning Corsets, tight sleeves, and fancy hats were very common. Women’s hair was generally long; some women also wore false hairpieces and extensions. The women’s shoes of the early Victorian period were narrow and heelless, in black or white satin. By 1850s and 1860s, they were slightly broader with a low heel and made of leather or cloth.

Have a look at these beautiful portraits that perfectly depicts the fashion style of Victorian women.

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