Beautiful Portraits of Victorian Actresses from the Late-19th Century

During the Victorian era, actresses were not as successful as they are today. The acting was not a glamorous job, especially for women, and there was no such fame and comfort. Starlets usually had to take up whatever roles they were given to gain some visibility. They had to be assertive to get what they wanted, and also had to be flexible and patient. Female entertainers had a unique place in society and most of the actresses gave up acting during their early careers. Actresses in Victorian-era played four types of roles: the ingénue, the flirt, the chaperon, and the wicked woman.

Despite all these difficulties and cultural obstacles, they proved that women can make living as actresses. The lifestyles and methods of acting of Victorian actresses made the way for the actresses of today. These women made shaped the future of theaters.

Here below is a list of popular Victorian actresses. Vote your favorites and don’t forget to share.

#18 Miss Paulina Clarissa Molonym, known professionally as Saharet, 1890s

#24 Mrs. Clara Marion Jessie Rousby, née Dowse, 1876

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