1960s Female Fashion: Glamours Fashion Photography of Hans Dukkers

The 1960s fashion presented a wide range of styles. It was a decade that defied many fashion conventions while also reflecting social movements of the period. The hippie movement significantly influenced women’s clothing trends in the late 1960s, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye, batik fabrics, and paisley prints.

Around the middle of the decade, fashions originating in small pockets of young people in a few urban centers attracted widespread media attention. They started to have a significant impact on both haute couture and mass-market manufacturers. Mini skirts, culottes, go-go boots, and more experimental fashions, such as curved bad-shaped PVC dresses and other PVC clothing, are only a few examples.

Dutch photographer Hans Dukkers took these incredible photographs of female fashion in the 1960s. He was a talented photographer from the Netherlands. From 1952 he worked for the great Amsterdam couturiers like Dick Holthaus, Max Heijmans, Frank Govers, and especially Ferry Offerman.

Written by Jacob Aberto

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