Beautiful Photos of Hungarian Girls from the Early 1900s

The roles of women in Hungary have changed significantly over the past 200 years. In 1904, Rosika Schwimmer, a pacifist and women’s rights advocate, founded the Association of Feminists. The organization advocated for women’s suffrage and assisted in three attempts to put the issue to a parliamentary vote, all of which failed. Women attained limited suffrage in 1918 (voting for the first time in 1922); and full suffrage in 1945.

Nori (Nóra Mészöly) took some lovely pictures of Hungarian girls in the 1900s, as you can see below. Hungarian women’s hairstyles in the early twentieth century were light, fluffy, and flowing. They were big and padded to give them the bulk and size that was common at the time.

Written by Alicia Linn

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