The Dapper Dudes of the Edwardian Era: A Look at Teenage Boy's Fashion

Edwardian boys’ fashion in the early 1900s was influenced by the Edwardian era’s general style, characterized by a focus on formality, elegance, and extravagance. During this time, boys’ clothing was designed to reflect their social status, education, and family background.

Young boys in the Edwardian era were usually dressed in sailor suits, which were popular for their nautical associations and practicality. These suits consisted of a collared shirt with a round neck, a pair of shorts, a sailor cap, and a necktie.

As boys grew older, their clothing became more sophisticated, reflecting their transition into young adulthood. They would start wearing knickerbockers, which were knee-length pants with a button-front fly, and knee-high stockings. This style was popular among young boys because it was comfortable and allowed for ease of movement.

In formal settings, teenage boys would wear a suit with a vest, a dress shirt, and a tie. This style was typical for formal events such as weddings, church services, and other special occasions. The suit jackets were often single-breasted and made from a wool blend.

In addition to clothing, Edwardian teenage boys would accessorize with items such as pocket watches, cane, hats, and gloves. The hat was an important item of clothing, reflecting the boy’s status and sophistication. The most popular hats were the Homburg, a felt hat with a wide brim, and the fedora, a soft hat with a center crease.

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