Fascinating Vintage Photos Show Women’s Beachwear Styles of the 1930s

The 1930s fashion was full of glamour and style, which allowed women from all classes and socio backgrounds to be fashionable regardless of the status. Factory-made garments became popular because clothing could be mass-produced for far less than made-to-order custom garments. Evening gowns, silhouettes, flapper dresses, wide-leg jeans, winter coats, and long bias-cut dresses were popular fashion trends.

Sunbathing became a popular trend in the 1930s. Low entry prices made swimming an affordable diversion for weekend fun. The beachside wardrobe consisted of beach pajamas. The swimwear consisted of fitted wool one-pieces with cotton jersey lining, a mini skit over boy shorts, and frequently little belts accentuating the waist. In the 1930s, shirtless swimsuits also became popular because it was easier to swim in these swimsuits, and they were made of knitted cotton or wool.

Here below a list of stunning vintage photographs that offer a glimpse into 1930s beach fashion. These photos show beach girls and women in fashionable beach dresses from pajamas, jumpsuits, swimwear, long skirts, and swimsuits.

Also, check the evolution of swimsuits and Beach Pajamas of the 1930s.

Written by Alicia Linn

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