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Spectacular Fashion Portraits Of Celebrities And Models By Bert Stern

Bert Stern was a talented fashion photographer who photographed some of the famous personalities such as Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe. Stern redefined commercial photography; his photographs captured emotions, fascination, and personality. He left school at the age of 16 to pursue his passion, and he learned photography from the company of a generation of most significant photographers of all time. Stern began his career in 1949 as a photographer of Look Magazine and, after two years, left his position and became art director at Mayfair Magazine.

He worked for several companies and magazines, including Vogue Mag, Esquire, Glamour, and created advertisement for international brands such as Pepsi-Cola. Stern used conceptual art in the advertising industry. Stern was also a massive drug addict, his heavy use of amphetamines led to the end of his marriage to ballerina Allegra Kent. He died on June 26, 2013, at the age of 83, in Manhattan, New York City.

#2 Model wearing long, white sheath in crepe of rayon and acetate with white sequins sewn all over by Rappi, Inc, Glamour 1960

#3 Fashion Model wearing collarless tweed coat in wool with cord buttons, Georges Kaplan opossum fur ruff with sequined sheath of silk chiffon beneath by Anne Fogarty, Glamour 1960

#4 Fashion Model looking over shoulder wearing blue dress which has a V shaped back, Glamour 1960

#5 Model Dorothea McGowan wearing curved velvet toque in deep purple, Vogue 1961

#6 NYC Ballet dancer, Allegra Kent wearing a hostess pajama of black silk velvet pants with a white silk top printed with pink and red roses, Vogue 1961

#7 Model wearing a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace of canary diamonds, Vogue 1961

#8 Model wearing red hooded cashmere cardigan and marine blue shorts, Vogue 1961

#9 Fashion Model standing on beach wearing orange knit poncho by Geist and Geist, over yellow bikini, Vogue 1961

#11 Model Kyra wearing mohair sweaters, slipover and cardigan, Glamour 1961

#12 Model wearing green-tea wool suit with lemon colored silk twill overblouse, tied at the waist, Vogue 1961

#13 Fashion model in a ball gown of pink organza and gold lurex-striped with matching stole, Glamour 1961

#14 Model wearing satin overblouse with sequins and silk chiffon, Glamour 1961

#15 Three models in the same bathing suit in different colors, Vogue 1961

#17 Fashion model Dorothea McGowan, in cloche of pink satin, Vogue 1962

#18 Elizabeth Taylor dressed as Cleopatra, Vogue 1962

#19 Marilyn Monroe wearing a fur hat and shawl, in Beverly Hills, California, 1962

#20 Model wearing knubby linen, ivory and carmel suit, with white blouse, Vogue 1963

#21 Fashion model wearing wool suede cloth suit in indigo blue, with white silk crepe scarf, white gloves and white felt fedora, Vogue 1963

#22 Model wearing navy blue, sleeveless dress, Vogue 1963

#23 Model wearing black tweed double breasted skirt suit, Vogue 1963

#24 Model wearing white ‘peplum of lace’ on white sleeveless dress, Vogue 1963

#25 Model wearing grey pinstripe skirt suit by Talmack, with white pique blouse, Vogue 1963

#26 Model wearing tawny linen, short sleeve dress, Vogue 1963

#27 Model wearing black and white Tattersall dress, with yellow hat, Vogue 1963

#28 Model wearing skirt suit in pale apricot boucle, Vogue 1963

#29 Audrey Hepburn covering portion of face with fabric from her sleeveless dress of silk, Vogue 1963

#30 Audrey Hepburn wearing a strapless yellow silk evening dress, Vogue 1963

#31 Model Wilhelmina in blue and turquoise wool tweed suit, Vogue 1963

#32 Model in chalk white tweed Ben Zuckerman suit, ivory Viola Weinberger gloves, Vogue 1963

#33 Fashion model holding jeweled bird made-up of precious and semi-precious stones, Vogu 1963

#34 Fashion model wearing double breasted coat in putty beige melton, by Originala, with white textured tights, Vogue 1964

#35 Model wearing pink skirt suit with double breasted jacket, Vogue 1964

#36 Model Jean Shrimpton wearing trouser ensemble in shades of beige, with coat, trousers, and tie neck top, Vogue 1964

#37 Model Wilhelmina with pink Lilly Dache scarf around head and white lace dress, Vogue 1964

#38 Model Wilhelmina in Dior hat of fabric anemones, Vogue 1964

#39 Suzy Parker in Tom Jones shirt by Jax and yellow Jax pants, Vogue 1964

#40 Model wearing lite blue two piece skirt ensemble with cowl neck and pleated skirt, Vogue 1964

#41 Model wearing strapless dress with feathered bodice in pink, orange, Vogue 1964

#42 Model stands with her hand touching her face wearing many bracelets and pearls, Vogue 1965

#43 Fashion model from series of beauty shots based on the four seasons, here for autumn 1965, with elaborate feather headdress, covered up eyebrows, and heavy lashes, Vogue 1965

#44 Fashion model from series of beauty shots based on the four seasons, here for summer 1965, Vogue 1965

#45 Fashion model from series of beauty shots based on the four seasons, here for winter 1965, a la Madame Butterfly, with white face, Vogue 1965

#47 Model in a pale pink nail enamel, and eye make-up with pale blue eye liner and heavy black lashes, Vogue 1965

#48 Israeli actress Daliah Lavi stands in Thai Dance pose, wearing Rudi Gernreich’s white jacket, Vogue 1965

#49 Model Marisa Berenson, hair pulled back tightly, wearing a turquoise tank top and turquoise half moon eye glasses, Vogue 1965

#50 Israeli actress and model Daliah Lavi kneeling on beach, wearing voluminous peignoir green with white polka dots, Vogue 1965

#51 Actress Claudia Cardinale wearing a Paisley-print pajama set, Vogue 1965

#52 Model, Marisa Berenson, with three Pucci velveteen handbags over her shoulder, in a sleeveless yellow dress, Vogue 1965

#53 Model wearing an azure blue dirndl suit with cockleshell buttons on a small double breasted jacket, Vogue 1965

#54 Model Marisa Berenson wearing a long blue evening dress with a bell skirt, Vogue 1965

#55 Model Veruschka wearing a David Kidd for Jablow mink-lined wool suit with a moire belted top and Amrose hat, Vogue 1965

#56 Model and actress Marisa Berenson in a Jacques Tiffeau for Tiffeau & Busch wool smock coat, Vogue 1965

#57 Model wearing a Harold Levine blue satin coat and crystal jeweled yellow full-length dress, Vogue 1965

#58 Model Marisa Berenson in a Adele Simpson gown and shawl with Schreiner jewelry, Vogue 1965

#59 Model Veruschka wears a Branell cotton velveteen satin dress with Pakula necklaces and Aris gloves, Vogue 1965

#60 French actress Jeanne Moreau wearing a chiffon gown, Vogue 1965

#61 Model Marisa Berenson wearing copper-colored sequin dress, Vogue 1966

#63 Model Marisa Berenson wearing red and pink bias-cut dress, 1966

#64 Model sporting floor-length hairpiece wearing sleeveless jagged-hem dress, Vogue 1966

#65 Model wearing tomato-colored linen dress with geometric neckline, 1966

#66 Model wearing orange high-yoked linen dress from Lynn Stuart , Vogue 1966

#67 Model wearing striped ruffled jibba by Fernando Sanchez for Warners, Vogue 1966

#68 Model wearing gold brocade burnoose with tasselled hood from the Mediterranean Collection, Vogue 1966

#69 Model Birgitta af Klercker in a purple silk dress with a cut-out neckline, Vogue 1966

#70 Model sporting floor-length hairpiece wearing white sleeveless handkerchief, Vogue 1966

#71 Actress Claudia Cardinale wearing pale brown mink coat laced with white mink diagonals, Vogue 1966

#72 Model wearing full-length mink coat by Maximilian over white evening pyjamas, Vogue 1966

#74 Model Lauren Hutton wearing black satin cossack’s blouse by Lynn Stuart for Mister Pants, Vogue 1966

#75 Fashion model in natural golden Russian sable coat, Vogue 1966

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