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Vikki Dougan In Backless Dress on the Streets of Hollywood, Los Angeles in 1957

Vikki Dougan is a former actress and model; she began her modeling career at the age of eleven. Dougan made her debut into Hollywood with a role of an uncredited showgirl in Back from Eternity movie. Dougan married William Symons at the age of 16, and she had a daughter from him.

Dougan gained popularity in the fashion world with her backless dress and she is still remembered for her revealing dress. She earned the nickname “The Back” in the 50s for often wearing her provocative dress in parties and public appearances. Dougan was also banned from some parties because her dress was drawing too much attention. These incidents also received mass press attention. The backless dress was the idea of publicity-man Milton Weiss and Dougan perfectly executed this unique fashion trend.

In 1957, Ralph Crane, a photographer from Life Magazine, photographed Vikki Dougan on the streets of Hollywood, LA. And she attracted the attention of everyone on the streets as you can see in the photographs below.

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