Beautiful Fashion Portraits of Classic Beauties from the 1950s by Richard Rutledge

Richard Rutledge was a talented fashion photographer from Paris. He was one of the most frequently published photographers in Vogue, Glamour, Harper Bazaar, and several other renowned magazines. Rutledge was a baseball player. He later switched to photography and started his professional career following World War II.

He was comfortable shooting in black and white or color; in the studio or outdoors; with SLR or 8×10 plate; fashion, portraits, travel, still life—it was all the same to him. In his own words, he found darkroom work ‘a chore’; what he liked best were the results. His color photographs were also standing above. He preferred animated and natural expressions on models and often used playful banter to coax the person behind the model’s facade.

Here below are some beautiful fashion portraits of classic beauties from the 1950s captured by Richard Rutledge.

#1 Model wearing a brown and white window pane plaid flannel shirt and a brown wool twill skirt, 1951

#2 Model is wearing a sheer pink shirtwaist blouse and a bell-shaped skirt by Nelly de Grab, 1952

#3 Model is wearing a slim tweed coat, a matching skirt with a single walking pleat, and wool jersey blouse with neckline tie, matching gloves and raspberry cloche hat, 1952

#4 Model is wearing a wool jersey blouse that ties at the neck, a wool jersey cardigan with black knit ribbing, and a slim pleated skirt in matching wool jersey, 1952

#5 Model is wearing a wool jersey cardigan with dolman sleeves worn with a skirt of gathered jersey above a tight under-sheath of taffeta, 1952

#6 Model is wearing s sleeveless black jersey evening blouse and tulle dancing skirt above a taffeta underskirt, 1952

#9 Evelyn Tripp wearing a pale yellow summer party dress by Kane, with matching mules by Valley, 1954

#10 Mary Jane Russell and Cherry Nelms wearing shade-brimmed hats both of painted silk picturing flowers and butterflies, ringed with grosgrain ribbon, 1954

#12 Model is wearing a silk shantung shirt dress, printed with a blur of red and pink carnations, 1955

#16 Models legs are running in red glacé lizard shoes by Fleming-Joffe, 1958

#17 Dovima wearing a brown flannel suit with a red velvet collar, matching felt hat with grosgrain band of red and blue silk twill scarf, 1951

#18 Evelyn Tripp wearing a necklace of reversed seed-cowl pearls, 1952

#19 Model is wearing a wool jersey blouse and a slim pleated skirt, 1952

#25 A woman buried in sand at a beach, Glamour, May 1959

#26 Model is wearing a two piece calico print swimsuit with terry cloth cardy by Cabana, 1959

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