Rare Historical Photos of Swedish People a Century ago by John Alinder

Photographer John Alinder captured these stunning historical photographs of his Swedish neighbors in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s. His photos depict the life of Swedish people a century ago. Alinder developed thousands of pictures in his darkroom. Using special photographic paper in a frame under glass, he exposed the negatives to sunlight for the prints. The results are outstanding. There is a look of recognition on the subjects’ faces as if they were seeing us.

Born in Sävasta in Uppland, an eastern-central Swedish province where his family was a farmer, Alinder remained in his birth village until he died in 1957. He had various jobs throughout his life; among these were selling music, running a rural shop out of his home, and operating an illegal bar.

#2 Rut Johanson from Västerås “in front of the fund”, Sävasta, Altuna parish, Uppland 1926

#5 Tora, August, Tore and Karolina Alinder, Sävasta, Altuna parish, Uppland 1926

#6 Teres Karlinder holds a bread cake in front of the dog, Drävle, Altuna parish, Uppland 1908

#7 Eva Erikson with friend, Högsberga, Altuna parish, Uppland 1923

#8 Karin Arnell and Tora Alinder double plate “in Mälby atrium, Frösthult parish, Uppland 1923

#9 Pastor Magnusson with confirmands outside Altuna church, Uppland 1925

#10 Edvin Pettersson and Olle Torsmark in the garden, Nibble, Torstuna parish, Uppland

#13 Miss Linnea Ekenberg and Emil Johanson, Tibble Torstunaby, Sävasta, Altuna parish, 1919

#14 Stråle’s dog sitting with eyeglasses, Kaby, Simtuna parish, 1922

#15 Painters Lindgren and Torell, Sävasta, Altuna parish, 1919

#16 Siri Johanson in confirmation attire, Kotte, Altuna parish, 1931

#17 Agnes Johansson (right) and friend, Sävasta, Altuna parish, 1910–20

#18 Ljung’s daughter standing by herself on a chair, Torstunaby, Torstuna parish, 1920

#19 Major Alström’s wife with the owl, Göksbo, Altuna parish, 1932

#21 Self Portrait, John Alinder in his garden, 1910–20

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