Goths, Punks, and Metalheads: A look into the Rebellious Soviet Subcultures of the 1980s

The 1980s brought fashion perestroikas and perestroika of fashion. New styles and creative spaces emerged during this period. Soviet youth, fuelled by excitement about change, created various musical styles, street fashions, and communal squats.

Subcultures formed in the early 1980s provided an alternative to the Soviet regime. In squats and street stages, participants and heroes invited passersby to celebrate civil disobedience with them. It demonstrated freedom and independence pushed to the limit, challenging conventional Soviet imagery with an exaggerated dress, hairstyles, tattoos, and make-up.

Soviet authorities believed that those youngsters were crazy. In the end, it was too late when the movement sprang out of control. The Soviet society was crumbling as metalheads, rockers, punks, rappers, bikers, etc., poured out into the streets.

#8 A note about Moscow rockers in a Spanish magazine, 1990.

#10 Shooting for the German magazine Blickpunkt. Moscow, 1987.

#12 Article about Moscow rockers in a German magazine. 1988.

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