Rare Historical Photos Show How Niagara Falls Looked like from the 1850s to 1950s

People used to walk to Canada across the Frozen Niagara Falls until the late 1880s. Tourists strolled between the two countries, and entrepreneurs sold food and hot drinks from makeshift concession stands. Climate change and global warming fueled by human activities mainly affect Niagara Falls like the other precious regions of the world, such as Antarctica. In the last 40 years, an average of about 1.3-degree Celsius temperature is increasing. An annual increase in the average number of frost-free days with ten more compared to 1970. More rain and less snow in winter are increasing the water levels.

The scientists and martyrologists expect a 20% decrease in rainfall, 30 days free-free days, and an annual drop of 3-4 degrees Celsius by the 2050s. This will significantly increase the cooling requirements and energy costs for greenhouse operators. Lower water levels are likely to increase the concentration of chemical contaminants. It’s our collective responsibility to save this precious wonder of nature.

Below are some historical photos from the mid-19th century to the 20th century that show how Niagara Falls looked over the years.

#8 Icicles hanging from the rock at Bridal Veil or Luna Falls, on the American cataract of Niagara Falls, 1859.

#55 Niagara falls from the Canadian side with the Rainbow Bridge on the left and Bufallo in the Background, 1950.

#56 A Bell Aircraft helicopter flies close to Niagara Falls, which is frozen. Only a trickle of water is coming from the falls, 1951.

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