Fabulous Vintage Photos Show Life of Mexico in 1952

These fascinating vintage photos show the culture, landmarks, streets, and everyday life of Mexicans in 1952. Journalist and Photographer Earl Leaf captured these photographs during his trip to Mexico.

Earl Leaf was born in Seattle in 1905. Before journalism and photography, he was a cowboy, sailor, prospector, dude rancher, actor, bookkeeper, and Salvation Army cadet. After the war, Earl decided that he would be both a photographer and a journalist and spent time in New York shooting the city and taking assignments to shoot artists like Martha.

#1 Pedestrians walk through narrow streets and buildings in downtown Mexico City.

#3 Couples dance in traditional dress in Tehuantepec.

#4 Local women carries items on her head from the local market in Tehuantepec.

#5 A rancher rides his horse on a ranch in Michoacan.

#6 Little boys sit on the fence at a ranch in Michoacan.

#8 A man serenade two women at the Hacienda Vista Hermosa Hotel in Tequesquitengo.

#9 Local women perform on a street in San Miguel de Allende.

#11 Local boys sing and plays the guitar to serenade a woman in Patzcuaro.

#12 Local women pose at ruins of one of the largest Maya cities of the Terminal Classic in Chichen Itza.

#13 Pedestrians walk down sidewalks in downtown Mexico City.

#14 Young girls get water in large jugs in Mexico City.

#17 Diners eat lunch in an open courtyard in Mexico City.

#18 Boats along the canals take tourist on rides in Mexico City.

#19 A young couple walk down a staircase in a monumental building in Mexico City.

#20 A woman stands on the side board of a CIA Mexicana service truck in Mexico City.

#22 A young boy and girl sell toys at night on a street in Mexico City.

#23 Vendors on the sidewalk of a busy downtown street in Mexico City.

#24 Three little boys look a comic books on a news stand in Mexico City.

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