1950s Mexico: Cool Vintage Photos Show Street Scenes, Landmarks and Everyday Life

During World War II, Mexico was an ally of the United States. The post-war years brought massive industrial and economic growth. It was the period in which Mexico opened the gates to non-aligned countries or political refugees. Commercial agriculture expanded with the growth of exports to the U.S. of high-value fruits and vegetables. The government was peacefully transferred to the next civilian regime. President Aleman was the chief architect of new departures in the official party.

Here below are some cool vintage photos of Mexico from the 1950s that show street scenes, markets, landmarks, and everyday life of Mexican people.

#10 Nurse aides airing mattress at Cuauhtemoc regional hospital, 1950s

#12 Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico, early 1950s

#14 Two young boys carrying water for the hospital, Cuauhtemoc, 1950s

#21 Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, San Luis Potosí, March 1958

#22 Cerro de la Silla – Saddle Mountain. Monterrey, March 1958

#26 Fountain of Diana Paseo de la Reforma. Mexico City, March 1958

#27 Governor’s Palace, 1770, Plaza de Armas. San Luis Potosí, March 1958

#28 Grain fields in north of Cuauhtemoc, December 1958

#31 Modern office building, Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, March 1958

#32 Office building at Reforma 76. Mexico City, March 1958

#33 Pond in Chapultepec Park. Mexico City, March 1958

#35 Street leading off Plaza de Armas, San Luis Potosí, March 1958

#43 Couple with loaded horse on cobblestone street, 1950s

#45 Indians in regalia, preparing for performance in plaza, 1950s

#56 Flag of Mexico from Hotel Del Prado.

Flag of Mexico from Hotel Del Prado.

The Salinas y Rocha building opposite. These buildings were pulled down due to the 1985 Mexico City earthquake

#67 Street with row of palm trees. Mexico City, March 1958

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