Japanese Bathing Beauties: Colorized Photos Of Young Geisha And Maiko Girls In Bathing Suits From 1868 to 1912

Geisha and Maikos are Japanese women who have been around for centuries; they entertain people and perform traditional dance. They wear traditional clothes such as Kimonos and Oshiro makeup, often accompanied with a paper fan or an umbrella. They are also trained to elegantly move and pour drinks, speak eloquently, and be charismatic and charming. There are some differences in the appearance and style of Geisha and Maiko. Maiko often has natural long hairs while Geisha often wear wigs. Maiko wears a colorful patterned kimono with log sleeves while Geisha wear a less busy Kimono. Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Have a look at these amazing colorized photos of Geisha and Maiko girls in bathing suits from the Meiji and Taisho eras, taken between 1868 to 1912.

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