Stunning Vintage Photos of Brooklyn, NYC in the 1970s by Anthony Catalano

Anthony Catalano was a talented photographer from New York City. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. Anthony documented the life of Brooklyn in his photographs throughout the 1970s.

The 1970s were when Brooklyn was recognizable for its graffiti stoops, local clothing, lack of tall buildings, and mom-and-pop shops. The crime rate in Brooklyn in the 1970s was very high.

#2 Led Zeppelin IROCK FM 5-Plane Sky Writing 1977 Stairway to Sky Grafitti Advertizing inspired me to get tickets.

#7 Boro Park Intersection 13 ave & NU – B Train 55th St Station, 1977

#8 Intersection of 13th ave and New Utrecht Ave at 54th-55th street

#13 Boro Park, 1976 – 55th Station View to 39th St along 13th Ave.

#20 The EL along New Utrecht Ave 56-57st – Brookyn, 1977

#22 Me, Randy, Chris and Tony E. Taken in the spring of 1975.

#23 President Ford 1976 Motorcade running south on 13th avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

#24 Thanksgiving 1975 kids table Cousin Wanda, Brother John with band-aid & cousin Noele in our parlor.

#27 St. Frances de Chantal catholic parochial school Brookyn, 1976

#28 57th Street in Boro Park between 13th Avenue and New Utrecht Avenue, 1975

#29 NYC Blizzard of February 5-7, 1978 Brooklyn, Boro Park, New Utrecht Ave

#30 Boro Park Brooklyn NYC – Street Scenes 70s Culver Line B16 Bus

#31 Boro Park Brooklyn 1976 Games – Kings 02 Boro Park Brooklyn 1976

#32 Boro Park Brooklyn Shopping Ladies near Millers Restaurant, 1976

#35 Baci Ball play Boro Park Brooklyn under The Culver Line, 1975

#36 DYN-O-MITE : Clowning Around in 1975 Boro Park Brooklyn NYC The ole’ Gang at it again.

#41 My brother John and Marty walking up new Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn NYC in 1975.

#42 Brooklyn – Boro Park – 57th st near 13th Ave.

#43 Bruno, the Ice Cream Man in 1976 under New Utrecht & 57th St.

#44 Brooklyn Boro Park 1978-79 Snow Storm Mom 13th Ave Corner of 56th st looking towards 57th

#45 Boro Park Brooklyn 13th Avenue 1975 Jerusalem Bakery & street scene

#46 Female Wanted T-Shirts 10th Ave 42st Boys & Bike Babe Boro Park Brooklyn 1976

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    • There are plenty of options for printing and processing film photography. The majority of decent-sized cities have photo labs, and most of them accept film by mail for processing and printing if you don’t live close by. Even the most advanced digital camera can’t match the resolution of a medium format film photograph. It’s also much cheaper. Even if you are an expert photographer, you can’t take decent film photos automatically, or use the “spray and pray” 300 exposures a minute method like you can with digital cameras. However, the results have a more artistic feel to them.