Stunning Photos of Brooklyn Street Life in the 1970s

During the 1970s a large influx of immigrants from Russia, China, and Puerto Rico resided in Brooklyn. Previously Brooklyn’s economy heavily relied upon manufacturing, but in the 1970s it was shifting to a service-based economy. The blackout of 1977 led to widespread rioting, looting, and arson in Brooklyn. Several blocks of the main Broadway shopping district in Bushwick were torched, with devastating effects.

Previously, we’ve shared an interesting list of vintage photos of Brooklyn from the 1970s, and today we are sharing some more photos that show the street life of Brooklyn from the 1970s. Vote your favorites and don’t forget to share.

#5 Fourchildren in their Sunday best, Brooklyn, 1973.

#6 39th street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 12th ave., 1974

#8 Two teenage girls posing in front of a wall of graffiti in Lynch Park, Brooklyn, 1974.

#9 Three boys playing from behind a chain link fence in Brooklyn’s Lynch Park, graffiti “A Train” in the background, 1974.

#11 Blackout Power Failure, people walk across from Brooklyn Bridge, 1977.

#12 Abandoned apartment buildings across a vancant lot full of debris in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, 1971.

#13 The quiet street in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights where a gunman pumped five bullets into Thomas Eboli aka Tommy Ryan, head, 1972.

#19 Surf Avenue in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood, 1973.

#20 A street with parked cars, passing under a subway traffic bridge, Brooklyn, 1973.

#25 Ladies rest outside Cooks Bath, Coney Island, 1973

#28 Woman and child walking in Lynch Park in Brooklyn, 1974.

#30 Children playing on the shore at Reis Park, a public beach in Brooklyn, New York City, 1974.

#31 Six hearses carrying Attica dead move slowly in proces sion at Fulton St. and Grand Ave., Brooklyn, 1971.

#32 In Brooklyn, a black newspaper seller near his stall under a subway staircase, 1973.

#33 A street overhung by bridges, on a sidewalk, near the front of a cafe, Brooklyn, 1973.

#34 55th street station exit Boro Park, Brooklyn, 1976

#35 Boro Park Brooklyn 55th Street Station Intersection, 1976

#46 Neighborhood of Boro Park New Utrecht Avenue & 59 Street, 1978

#47 New Utrecht Avenue at the 55th Street Station, 1977

#49 Street scene outside Nathan’s, Coney Island, 1973

#51 Woman stands in front of a house at 1068 East 10th Street in Flatbush, 1971

#54 Chinese restaurant Chow Mein on Flatbush Street, 1971

Chinese restaurant Chow Mein on Flatbush Street, 1971

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#56 Plum Beach near Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, May 1973

Plum Beach near Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, May 1973

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