What Toronto looked like in the 1990s

Toronto in the 1990s was a vibrant and growing city. It was Canada’s largest city and a major center for finance, business, and culture. In 1991, Toronto was named the cultural capital of Canada. This recognition helped to boost the city’s film and television industry, which saw significant growth during this time. The Toronto Raptors NBA team was founded in 1995. The team has since become one of the city’s most popular sports franchises, bringing professional basketball to Toronto. Toronto played host to the G7 summit in 1988 and the G20 summit in 2010. These international events brought world leaders and global media attention to the city.

The 1990s was a period of economic growth for Toronto, and the city underwent significant development and expansion during this time. The SkyDome (now known as the Rogers Centre) was built in 1989, and the CN Tower, one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks, underwent renovations and improvements. The city also played host to the 1996 Summer Olympics, which brought a great deal of attention and investment to the area. Additionally, the 1990s saw a significant increase in Toronto’s diversity as the city became home to a growing number of immigrants from all over the world.

Here are some stunning photos that offer a glimpse into the 90s Toronto.

#2 Similar view of the service station at Weston Road and Parke 1991

#3 TTC 8484 was outfitted for Gray Line summer sightseeing duties. It had air conditioning and premium seating, 1997

#4 The now-closed Canary Restaurant, for which the Canary District is named.1990s

#10 Looking east from the roof of 25 Grenville Street, 1993

#14 Now lost public art on Dundas at Yonge before the creation of Yonge-Dundas Square.1990s

#16 An almost absurdly verdant view of Queen’s Park.1990s

#17 View taken from 133 Wilton Street ( the Woodsworth Housing Co-op ) at Jarvis and the Esplanade, 1993

#18 South facades of Inglis plant, looking west from Strachan Avenue overpass, 1996.

#19 Ontario Stockyards: alley on north side of stock yards, looking west, 1991

#21 Row of houses in Toronto. Built in the 1890s, the Belmont row houses do share a common heritage with London’s, 1990s

#24 The rise and fall of Toronto’s zoo Monorail, 1994

The rise and fall of Toronto’s zoo Monorail, 1994

A train leaving Weston station lost power while climbing a steep hill and rolled backwards, achieving speeds of 40 km/h before crashing into a second train that was loading at the station.

#25 The CBC Broadcast Centre, looking east towards downtown on Front.1990s

#26 The Metro Toronto Convention Centre when it was new.1990s

#29 East on Dundas from what would become Yonge-Dundas Square before the arrival of Citytv.1990s

#32 Southeast to the Port Lands over the Yonge and College area. That’s the CBC’s old Jarvis St. antenna on the extreme left.1990s

#34 Looking north up Bay towards the Sutton Place Hotel and Manulife Centre.1990s

#44 Ontario Stockyards: central alley looking west – Keele & St. Clair, 1991

#50 The Orchard Park Tavern/ Daysinn Toronto East Beaches at 1684 Queen St East, 1990s

#53 Pacific Western Transportation operated Airport runs in the mid 1990’s by these ex-Pioneer Valley Transit Authority buses.

#54 Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Dart) bus in Toronto on a American Public Transit Association convention in 1998 along with other demonstrator buses.

#55 St. Basil the Great College School (former Weston Road building), built by the Basilian Fathers now used as a community Centre, 1990s

#56 Bendale Business and Technical Institute (Vocational and Secondary), 1990s

#57 Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School, 1990s

#60 Toronto has a lot of tiny houses scattered around the city on small streets, backyards and lane-ways. This one is at #9 Lobb Avenue between Crawford & Shaw, north of Queen street west, 1990s

#62 Looking over the future site of Metro Hall to King from Wellington.1990s

#63 Mural on the side of Wayne Gretzky’s sports bar.1990s

#64 Down Bay to City Hall and the Financial District.1990s

#65 The main gates to the Distillery at Mill and Trinity streets.1990s

#66 Looking east across the Distillery from Parliament.1990s

#67 The roof of Scotia Plaza from the top of Commerce Court.1990s

#69 Canadian Tire at Yonge and Davenport, pre-condos.1990s

#75 Certainly not as dense in the core, the skyline in 1994.

#77 Corner of Heath st. And Yonge st. In the early sixties this was Webb’s Pharmacy, 1990s

Corner of Heath st. And Yonge st. In the early sixties this was Webb’s Pharmacy, 1990s

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