Fascinating Vintage Photos of Sweden in 1949

The Post-WWII era in Sweden was marked by rapid development and economic growth. During World War II, Sweden maintained armed neutrality, although thousands of Swedish volunteers fought in the Finland-Soviet Winter War. Sweden was one of the first non-participants to join the United Nations in 1946.

After the war, Per Albin Hansson took office as the head of a strictly social democratic government. Under the leadership of the Social Democrats and in collaboration with the other democratic parties, a series of reforms were implemented that laid the foundation for the Swedish welfare state during the 1940s and 1950s. Sweden expanded its industry to supply the rebuilding of Europe, taking advantage of an entire industrial base, social stability, and natural resources. The federal government actively sought to create an internationally competitive manufacturing sector composed primarily of large corporations.

Here below are some fascinating vintage photos of post-WWII Sweden in 1949.

Written by Aung Budhh

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