Dazzling Kodachrome Photos Show Sweden In The 1940s

These intriguing color pictures show Sweden cities, towns, buildings, harbors, squares, monuments, docks, markets, public parks and everyday life from the 1940s. There are crowd scenes, but people are often alone and isolated in the street.

Fredrik Daniel Bruno, captured these photographs with expensive Kodachrome during his trip to the Sweden in the 1940s. There’s something of the secret agent about this engineer’s approach to photography. The pictures fizz with atmosphere. A stray thumb, a fame from the shadows, his positioning in the middle of the road or a high vantage point.

#1 Men at table at a house in or outside Eskilstuna, 1942

#2 People at Skansen open air museum at Djurgården in central Stockholm, 1943

#4 Kalmar, Nybro, Nybro, Småland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#5 Funfair in Hudiksvall, the home town of Fredrik Bruno, 1942

#7 A man and a woman, a pink parasol and Uppsala Cathedral. The image is taken from the garden of the Skytteanum building, partly viewed in the image, 1943

#8 Järnvägsgatan (Railway street) in Karlstad and Hotel Drott to the left, 1943

#9 People in Slottsskogen (“Castle Forest”) in Gothenburg. The building is the Large Restaurant from 1906, more known as Björngårdsvillan (The Bear-Garden Villa), 1948

#10 Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, by night, 1943

#11 Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg – Swedish exhibition and congress centre, 1948

#12 Västra Götaland, Göteborg, Göteborg, Västergötland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Byggnadsverk-Religionsutövning – kyrkor-(01) Exteriörer

#13 University College of Gothenburg. (Today the University of Gothenburg), 1945

#15 Swimming pool in the old Swimming Baths of Borås, 1944

#17 Construction of a new bridge at Skanstull in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1945

#18 Aircraft at Bromma Airport near Stockholm City. The aeroplane in the foreground is a Douglas DC-4, the two in the background are Douglas DC-3’s, 1947

#20 Västra Götaland, Mölndal, Mölndal, Västergötland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#22 Värmland, Karlstad, Karlstad, Värmland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Byggnadsverk-Rekreation och turism-Hotell

#23 Kalmar, Kalmar, Kalmar, Småland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#24 On the way to Norway. Gustaf, Carin, Lilly and a Volvo PV, 1948

#25 The match factory. Jönköping, Småland, Sweden, 1945

#26 Jönköping, Jönköping, Jönköping, Småland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#28 Stockholm, Uppland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Byggnadsverk-Kommunikationsväsen-Järnvägsanläggning

#29 Henriksberg Restaurant, also called the Lind House, at Stigbergsliden in Gothenburg, 1944

#30 Brunnsparken (The Baths Park) in Gothenburg, with the statue “The sowing woman” popularly called “Johanna in the Baths Park”, 1944

#31 Marketing at Hötorget (the Haymarket) in Stockholm City. To the left is the Stockholm Concert Hall, 1943

#32 Stigbergskajen and Masthuggskajen quays in Gothenburg, by Göta River. View from the Maritime Museum, 1944

#33 Drottninggatan street, at the junction with Brunkebergsgatan street in Stockholm city, 1944

#34 People in the park of Trädgårdsföreningen, The Garden Society of Gothenburg, 1948

#35 Västra Götaland, Göteborg, Göteborg, Västergötland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#36 Geijersgatan street in Gothenburg. In the background is Vasa church, 1948

#37 Värmland, Filipstad, Filipstad, Värmland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#40 Norrtullsgatan street in the northern part of Stockholm city, 1944

#41 Stockholm by night, Kungsgatan street in Stockholm City, at the intersection with Sveavägen street, 1940

#42 Västerlånggatan street in the Old Town in Stockholm, 1944

#43 Crossing between Götgatan and Ringvägen streets at Skanstull in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1943

#44 Stockholm, Stockholm, Stockholm, Uppland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Byggnadsverk-Kommunikationsväsen-Trafikanläggning

#45 Kalmar, Nybro, Nybro, Småland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Miljöer-Torgmiljö

#46 The Town Hall and the Grand Hotel at Tyska torget (the German Square) in Norrköping, 1947

#47 The Main Square in Motala. In the background is Motala church, 1944

#48 Dalarna, Mora, Mora, Dalarna, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö

#49 Men on a steamer, Lake Vättern, Småland, Sweden, 1945

#50 The City Hotel in Karlstad, at 22, Kungsgatan street (King Street), and a producer gas driven car, 1943

#51 A woman walking in Västerlånggatan street, 1945

#54 Ship M/S Stockholm of the Swedish American Line, moored at Stigbergskajen quay. The man to the left is Thore Bruno, related to the photographer Fredrik Bruno, 1948

#55 Stockholm, Stockholm, Stockholm, Uppland, Miljöer-Stadsmiljö, Övrigt-Arbetsliv

#56 Hötorget (The Haymarket) in Stockholm City, 1942

Hötorget (The Haymarket) in Stockholm City, 1942

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