San Francisco's Sky Tram that ran from the Cliff House to Point Lobos

Cliff House and Point Lobos were linked by an aerial tramway between 1955 and 1966. The Sky Tram opened on May 3, 1955. Twenty-five passengers paid a quarter each to take the slow ride across the Sutro Baths basin to a Point Lobos promontory with two manmade waterfalls. It was not a roller coaster but a slow sight-seeing glide on some steel cables a few hundred feet above the ground. The whole trip took four minutes, and you had to walk back.

Cliff House Sky Tram “station” served as a visitor center for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for many years. In May 1966, the Sky Tram was shut down due to fog, wind, or boredom. That building was torn down during the 2000 renovation of the Cliff House.

#1 Sky Tram, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, 1964

#2 Sky Tram, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, 1964

#3 Sky Tram ran from Cliff House past the Sutro Baths to Point Lobos is nearing completion, 1955

#5 A thousand foot long scenic sky tram began carrying passengers from the Cliff House Terrace to Point Lobos on May 3, 1955.

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