Fascinating Historical Photos Of Queensland From The 1930s That Offer A Glimpse Into Everyday Life

Queensland is the second-largest state in Australia, occupying the wettest and most tropical part of the continent. The population of Queensland is over 5 million. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and there are over 200 national parks in Queensland, covering 6.5 million hectares.

These fascinating historical photos show life in Queensland in the 1930s. The 1930s was the era of depression followed by rapid development. In 1929 Irene Longman was elected to the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Longman lost her seat in the 1932 election and did not re-contest it. The Labor Party took the office and attempted to stimulate the economy through large capital improvement projects.

#2 Card players in Centenial Place, Brisbane, Queensland

#4 Inside the Regent Theatre Milk Bar, Brisbane, Queensland

#5 The Duke and Duchess of York leaving a reception in Brisbane, 1930.

#7 Australia- Miss Amy Johnson, the 19-year-old British aviatrix, is beside herself with joy after landing in Brisbane, 1930

#8 Transporting sugar at the Mulgrave Mill at Gordonvale, near Cairns, Queensland, 1930.

#9 Steam train loaded with sugar cane at a station in Queensland, 1930.

#10 Christmas gift boxes of Queensland dried fruit being unloaded at Tilbury Docks from the Orient liner ‘Orontes’, 1931

#11 View at the intersection of Queen and Eagle Street in Brisbane, Australia in 1933.

#12 Vast crowds attended the Ashes series between Australia and England in Brisbane, 10th February 1933.

#14 A view of islands in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia, circa 1935.

#15 Australia, transport of walnut trees with oxcart in Queensland – 1936

#16 A wood chopping contest in Brisbane, Queensland, 1937.

#17 A woman is posed sitting on the boom of a sailing vessel, Queensland

#19 Beach girl on the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Queensland

#21 Checking the form guide at Ascot races, Brisbane, Queensland

#23 Enjoying a ride on the back of a truck, Ayr, Queensland

#24 Enjoying the sunshine on the deck of the cruise ship Orion, Brisbane, Queensland

#25 Friends posing on Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

#26 Group of mates riding in a Model T Ford, Double Island Point, Queensland

#27 Group of young people enjoying a day at the beach with their dog, Queensland

#28 Group of young people enjoying a day at the beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

#29 Group of young people socialising on the beach at Magnetic Island, Queensland

#30 Judging of the Sirens of the Surf competition, Gold Coast, Queensland

#31 Ladies attending the theatre in Brisbane, Queensland

#32 Men sitting in the stands at the races, Queensland

#33 Models posing for a fashion shoot in front of a Qantas biplane, Queensland

#35 Stepping out for a Spring fashion parade, Brisbane, Queensland

#36 Two ladies enjoying a day out at the races, Ascot racetrack, Brisbane, Queensland

#37 Two ladies posing inside a Qantas aircraft, Queensland

#38 Two ladies walking on street in Toowoomba, Queensland

#39 Two women picking a winner at the Ascot Races, Brisbane, Queensland

#40 Two young beautiful ladies in swimsuits at Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland

#41 Two young ladies picking a winner at Albion Park racecourse, Brisbane, Queensland

#43 Women attended the Ascot Races, Brisbane, Queensland

#44 Young lady in a low backed dress and cloche hat at the races Brisbane, Queensland

#45 Young people enjoying a day at the beach, Queensland

#47 Young women taking a walk along the beach, Queensland

#48 Joan Grimes, Australian Women’s Emergency Legion, learns to ride a motorcycle, to fit her for the job as a dispatch rider, if needed, 1939.

#50 A young man is at the top of a small ladder attached to his motorcycle, 1955.

#51 Officials cutting the starting ribbon at a speedway motorcycle race in Brisbane, 1930.

#52 Motorcyclists lined along Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, 1937.

#53 Man dressed in a long dustcoat, hat and goggles with a motorcycle standing in front of a painted backdrop in a studio, 1935.

#55 Motorcycle race on the beach at Bundaberg, Queensland, 1947.

#56 Motorbike and sidecar with rider and passenger, ca. 1922.

#57 Motor Cycle stunt team, Thrills and Spills, Bundaberg, 1937.

#58 Motor bike racer getting a push start at the track, Brisbane, 1955.

#59 Members of the Brisbane Motorcycle Fishing Club, Adelaide Street, Brisbane, 1938.

#60 Herb Beecher and his Waratah motor bike, ca. 1940.

#61 Harley Davidson motorbikes with sidecars outside Mackenzie’s Newsagency, Bulimba, Brisbane, 1953

#63 First meeting of the Cairns Motor Cycle Club at the Woree Speedway, 1930.

#64 Solicitor from the Toowoomba district, wearing driving gloves and a dust jacket, on a Harley Davidson motorbike, 1930.

#65 Don McPherson on a 350cc Harley Davidson Peashooter, Townsville, 1930.

#66 Cousins Eric and Henry Beck on their Indian motorcycle, Cribb Island, 1926.

#67 Cec O’Mara and Ben Unwin on their motocycles at a speedway race at Davies Park in Brisbane, 1930.

#68 A boy, wearing a long coat and a hat with the brim turned up, is sitting on a early model Douglas motorcycle, 1915.

#69 Barbara Davies and Billy Gall on a motorcycle, 1938.

#70 Two women posing with a motorbike and sidecar, 1922.

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