What Queensland looked like in the 1930s through these Stunning Historical Photos

Queensland is the second-largest state of Australia. It occupies nearly a quarter of the continent. The state is nearly seven times larger than the United Kingdom. More than twice the size of Texas in the United States. Queensland has the most diverse animal population of any state because of its wide range of habitats and its position on migration routes.  Beaches and tropical islands make it a famous destination. With over 200 national parks, the state is home to lush mountainous rainforest, bushland, creeks, and flat tablelands ideal for farming.

These fascinating historical photos show what Queensland looked like in the 1930s. It was a time of great unemployment and the Great Depression.  Labor Party leaders tried to stimulate the economy through large capital improvement projects after the government could not stem the tide of the depression. By 1934, the worst of the depression had passed, and many social services that had been suspended during that time had been reinstituted.

Also, check the life of Queensland in the 1930s.

#1 Queen Street, Brisbane looking south, October 1930

#2 Aerial view of the Brisbane central business district showing Victoria Bridge and the Brisbane River, 1932

#4 The skyscape of Brisbane City from near the Roma Street Parklands, 1930s

#6 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg looking west, October 1931

#7 Brisbane City Hall, Adelaide Street, Brisbane, January 1931

#9 The Shrine, Anzac Square, Adelaide Street, Brisbane, 1932

#11 Windmill Tower, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane looking west towards the William Jolly Bridge, December 1933

#14 Sydney Street, Mackay, showing the Former Mackay Town Hall, 1936

#16 The Jetty and shark-proof enclosure, Sandgate, December 1937

#23 Steel structure of State Government Building, Anzac Square, September 1931

#24 The Bruce Highway at Pomona looking towards Mount Tuchekoi, 1931

#26 Echo Point, Lamington National Park, Beaudesert Shire, September 1933

#28 Baseline measurement in Bowen Terrace, Brisbane, June 1934

#29 Looking up Currumbin Creek from Pacific Highway, Currumbin, 1934

#31 Main Pacific Highway crossing Tallebudgera Creek, Burleigh Heads, 1934

#39 Locals and tourists sun bathing and surfing at Main Beach in Southport, 1930s

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