Stunning Historical Photos Of Old Atlanta From 19th and 20th Century

Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. The modern history of Atlanta dates back 1836, when Georgia decided to build a railroad to the U.S. Midwest. The first Georgia Railroad freight and passenger trains from Augusta (to the east of Atlanta), arrived in September 1845 and in that year the first hotel, the Atlanta Hotel, was opened. During the American Civil War Atlanta was became supply depot and target of Major Union Campaign. When the Civil War was ended, the city was rebuilt from the ashes. Over the course of a century Atlanta became home of a major company including Coca-Cola, CNN, AT&T and many more.

Here below we have collected some amazing historical photos of Atlanta. Vote you favorites and don’t forget to share.

#1 Clowns in a car for the Shriners’ Annual Convention on Peachtree St. NW at Ellis St NE in Atlanta, August 30, 1957

#5 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., removing a burnt out cross from his lawn, Atlanta, Georgia, 1960

#6 Atlanta Undertaker David Tobias Howard with his wife and mother in their carriage, circa 1890s

#10 Atlanta Water Works, Board of Water Commissioners, 1887

#12 Civil rights demonstration, Atlanta, Georgia, 1963

#13 Man on the porch of his house in Georgia, probably near Atlanta, 1899

#19 Arcade goers playing on pinball machines at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, 1978

#20 Pinball Machine Ride at the World of Sid and Marty Kroft Amusement Park in Atlanta Georgia, 1976

#22 A “radiophone dance” held by an Atlanta social club in May 1920 in which the participants danced, while wearing headphones, to music transmitted from a band across town.

#24 Atlanta railroad depot and yard, Trout House and Masonic Hall in background, 1864

#27 Union Army soldier at Confederate fortifications outside of Atlanta, 1864

#28 Union soldiers on boxcars at railroad depot next to offices of the Atlanta Intelligencer during the city’s occupation by General Sherman

#29 Atlanta Intelligencer newspaper office by the railroad depot, 1864

#30 United States Penitentiary in Atlanta Georgia, 1904

#32 A men repairing automobile motor at the FSA warehouse depot in Atlanta, Georgia, 1939

#33 Trains in the Southern Railway terminal in Atlanta, Georgia, 1941

#35 Bugs Bunny appears at Lennox Square Mall in Atlanta, 1960

#36 A young girl tries out the “best” seat in a car while her parents shop for one. Atlanta, Georgia, 1971

#38 A customer buying gas near Atlanta, Georgia, June 1939

#41 All female student Shakespeare production at Atlanta University, 1910s

#42 Teenage girls wearing the fad of bobby sox, Atlanta November 1947

#43 Domestic servants waiting for streetcar on way to work early in the morning. Mitchell Street, Atlanta, Georgia. May, 1939

#44 Women sit on steps at Atlanta University in Georgia, 1900

#45 A passel of Yankees near Federal picket post, 1864

A passel of Yankees near Federal picket post, 1864

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