Fabulous Photos Show Life in Manhattan From the late-1970s

Although the late-1970s was the darkest time for Manhattan as the New York City was undergoing an unparalleled transformation. Prostitutes and pimps frequented Times Square. The city was unsafe due to social turmoil, Stabbings, robberies, and muggings. Homeless persons and drug dealers occupied boarded-up and abandoned buildings.

Here below are some stunning vintage photos that show street scenes, roads, and everyday life in Manhattan from the late 1970s. These photographs were captured by Manel Armengol.

#2 Loisaida Community, Lower East Side, Manhattan, 1978

#16 Girl promoting “New Camel Lights”, Manhattan, 1978

#19 Kenworth truck in front of “Canal Street General Store”, Manhattan, 1978

#30 Old people in Central Park enjoying the sun, Manhattan, 1978

#47 The Empire State Building from Downtown, Manhattan, 1978

#55 Manhattan skyline from Staten Island, Manhattan, 1978

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