Stunning Vintage Photos of The Kids of 78 East 3rd Street that offer Glimpse into 70s New York

New York City in the 1970s wasn’t all disco balls and Studio 54. In the East Village, life had a different rhythm, especially for the kids who called 78 East 3rd Street home. Luckily, photographer Rich Allen was there to capture their stories, giving us a window into a time and place often forgotten.

Allen’s photos weren’t posed or planned. They were raw and real, showing kids just being kids amidst the backdrop of a city struggling with poverty and neglect. The photos are in black and white, which adds to the feeling of stepping back in time.

The kids, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, are the heart of the collection. They stare into the camera with a mix of curiosity and defiance. Some are alone, lost in thought, while others are caught in the middle of play, their laughter echoing through the years.

Their clothes tell a story of their own. Worn jeans, mismatched shirts, and hand-me-down jackets speak of a life where money was tight, and new clothes were a luxury. Yet, there’s a sense of pride in their appearance, a determination to make the best of what they had.

The background of the photos is just as important as the kids themselves. Crumbling buildings with fire escapes zig-zagging down their sides, streets littered with trash, and graffiti-covered walls paint a picture of a neighborhood in decline. But amidst the decay, there’s life.

Stoops become makeshift playgrounds, sidewalks transform into race tracks, and empty lots become fields for impromptu baseball games. The kids of 78 East 3rd Street didn’t have much, but they had each other and their imaginations, and that was enough.

African American, Latino, and white kids played together, their differences melting away in the shared experience of childhood. This melting pot of cultures created a unique community, where everyone looked out for one another.

Today, 78 East 3rd Street looks very different. Trendy shops and expensive apartments have replaced the crumbling buildings, and the neighborhood has become a haven for young professionals.  While the area has undoubtedly improved in many ways, there’s a sense of loss as well. The close-knit community captured in Allen’s photos has largely disappeared, replaced by a more transient population.

#2 The Four Underage Horsemen from Brooklyn on East 3rd Street, 1974.

#4 Orlando, Jeffrey, and Fernando on East 3rd Street, 1975.

#10 Fernando on Rivington Street, Lower East Side, 1975.

#12 Lil Steve, Orlando, Fernando, and someone on East 3rd Street, 1975.

#13 Fernando Goes for a Ride in the East Village, 1975.

#21 Fernando and Orlando Making Modern Art on East 3rd Street, 1976.

#24 Washing Prints, Fernando on East 3rd Street, 1975.

#25 Fernando’s Rollie, Orlando, and Pipo on East 3rd Street, 1975.

#27 Fernando Finds His First Dog on East 3rd Street, 1974.

#30 Guilty of Playing Hooky! Fernando on East 3rd Street, 1975.

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