Fabulous Photos Show What a Traditional Scottish Wedding Looked Like from 1980s

On the traditional Scottish wedding, the bride would wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue along with a white gown, shoe veil, and tiara.

The “something old” will most probably be something handed down from her mother to symbolize the passing down of wisdom. The “something new” will be a gift, the “something borrowed” will be from a married couple, for good luck, and “something blue” is usually a blue garter, as a sign of love and modesty.

The groom usually wears full Highland dress, consisting of the kilt (with clan tartan if applicable) & kilt pin, sporran with a chain strap, tartan or white hose, jacket, shirt, bow tie, sgian dhubh (black knife) tucked in the hose, and gillie brogue shoes.

The bride also decides the dress color and style for her bridesmaids. Here below are some fabulous photos that show how a traditional Scottish wedding looks like.

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