Glamorous Modeling Photos of the American Model Joan Olson in the 1950s

Joan Olson was born in Minneapolis in 1929 and entered beauty contests while still a high school student. She later began modeling in LA while at USC. During her time as a princess in the Pasadena Rose Queen Royal Court, she had to wear brown lipstick for TV and said it looked awful – the 40s were a simpler time in technology.

Olson quit college when her career took off and went first to New York, where she worked for Ford, before moving to Paris. The five-foot-five-inch model concentrated mainly on photography. For her height, she was considered a ‘junior.’ Tippi Hedren, Ivy Nicholson, Brynne Johnson, Barbara Stetson, and June Ross were close friends of hers in the modeling business. Art Kane and Ray Slowinski, two prominent photographers, were married to June Ross and Brynne Johnson.

Below are some glamorous photos of young and beautiful Joan Olson as a model in the 1950s.

#1 Emilio Pucci with model Joan Olson wearing his zebra-striped dress, Florence, 1952

#2 Joan Olson in black bouclé shetland stole with oversized insect pin, both by Schiaparelli, Paris, 1952

#3 Joan Olson in black velvet and satin spiral that wraps to a point on this small hat with voilette by Le Monnier, 1952

#4 Joan Olson in mink jacket by Weil, coiffure by Pierre Jacy, 1952

#5 Joan Olson in Royal Pastel EMBA mink coat by Max Reby, 1952

#6 Joan Olson in taupe little cap with honey-colored voilette by Christian Dior, 1952

#7 Joan Olson is wearing veiled astrakhan hat with two large feathers by Jacques Fath, September 1952

#8 Joan Olson, coiffure by Carita, photo by Guy Arsac, 1952

#10 Joan Olson in a smock jacket by Bessie Becker, 1953.

#11 Joan Olson in a smock jacket by Bessie Becker, 1953

#12 Joan Olson in loose coat of geranium-red wool, the below-the-waist belt gathers the back pleats, by Jacques Fath, 1953

#13 Joan Olson in small fine straw and black velvet cloche with silk voilette by Janette Columbier, 1953

#14 Joan Olson in small pink boater adorned with brown and pink feathered bird, violette is sheer brown, by Legroux Soeurs, worn with black dress by Manguin, 1953

#15 Joan Olson in sporty twin-set of gray and green stripes by Korrigan Lesur, 1953

#16 Joan Olson in striped gray and white straw hat worn with matching jacket by Jean Barthet, 1953

#17 Joan Olson wearing a hat by Jean Barthet, Paris, 1953

#18 Joan Olson in a blue-striped white organdy dress, the bodice is embroidered in natural strass and beads, by Pierre Balmain, 1954

#19 Joan Olson in a romantic cream and black floral print dress bordered in black gros-grain ribbon by Mad Carpentier, 1954

#20 Joan Olson in black cotton alpaca sheath topped by a black and white striped bolero by Jerry Gilden, Vogue, July 1954

#21 Joan Olson in classic beige suit, the skirt is bell-shaped, jacket has nipped waist and low neck that shows a bright blue scarf by Jean Patou, 1954

#22 Joan Olson in dinner ensemble, coat is reversible red and white raw silk matelasse, quilting worked in both directions, worn over red silk dress, by Lanvin-Castillo, 1954

#23 Joan Olson in lilac organdy print evening dress with sheer organdy cape by Jean Dessès, bracelet by Vendôme, 1954

#24 Joan Olson in satin evening gown worn with beautiful full-length lace coat, by Jean Patou, 1954

#25 Joan Olson in silk halter dress with wave-motif print in shades of blue aptly called “La Mer”, by Pierre Balmain, 1954

#27 Sophisticated day-suit by Christian Dior on model Joan Olson, 1954

#28 The draped bodice sculpts this jersey gown with pale pink silk, skirt falls loosely, two satin bows adorn the bodice worn by model Joan Olson, by Grès, 1954

#30 Joan Olson in black flannel sheath dress and double-breasted jacket by Donald Brooks for Darbury, 1957

#31 Joan Olson in black-and-white herringbone tweed short chesterfield jacket with black velvet collar and lined in red satin by Hayette, 1957.

#32 Joan Olson in salt and pepper tweed linen suit by Towncliffe, beret by John Frederics Charmer, white calf bag by Prestige, Harper’s Bazaar, February 1957

#33 Joan Olson in white full-length cape of a light-weight tweed by Petite Juniors, chiffon hat by John Frederics Charmer, Harper’s Bazaar, February 1957

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