Dolores Hawkins’ 1950s Modeling Days Captured in Glamorous Photos

Dolores Hawkins, a notable figure in the world of fashion modeling, made significant contributions to the industry. Her career, marked by elegance and a distinctive presence, positioned her as a prominent model. Hawkins’ journey in the fashion world is reflective of the evolving landscape of modeling in her time.

She began her career in fashion modeling at a time when the industry was experiencing significant changes. Her entry into the field was marked by a blend of classic charm and a modern approach to fashion, aligning with the trends of her era. Hawkins quickly established herself as a model with a unique style and grace.

As her career progressed, Dolores Hawkins became known for her poise and versatility. She graced numerous fashion shows and photo shoots, showcasing a range of styles from haute couture to ready-to-wear collections. Her ability to adapt to various fashion genres made her a sought-after model in the industry.

Dolores Hawkins was recognized for her distinct style, which combined sophistication with contemporary flair. She had a natural ability to bring life to the clothes she modeled, influencing fashion trends and inspiring designers. Her impact on fashion was notable, as she embodied the essence of the era’s style.

#1 Dolores Hawkins in a green and blue brocade dress by Pat Hartly, Vogue, August 15, 1955.

#2 Dolores Hawkins wearing a sheer Swiss voile dress by R & K Originals, Vogue, May 1, 1955.

#3 Dolores Hawkins in a blue-and-black herringbone wool skirt and jacket, Vogue, August 15, 1956.

#4 Dolores Hawkins in summery white piqué shorts and sleeveless top with navy-trimmed jacket by Jo Collins, 1956.

#5 Dolores Hawkins in a heathery jersey swimsuit by Maurice Handler of California, Harper’s Bazaar, June 1957.

#6 Dolores Hawkins in a hot-pink velveteen top and colorful challis skirt by Mr. Gee, Harper’s Bazaar, November 1957.

#7 Dolores Hawkins in an Italian knit harlequin pattern bathing suit by Imports International, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Vogue, May 1, 1957.

#8 Dolores Hawkins in a white mohair and nylon sweater and plaid mohair and tweed skirt, Junior Bazaar, August 1957.

#10 Dolores Hawkins in a cinnamon colored 3/4 length coat of South American guanaco by Georges Kaplan, Vogue, October 15, 1958.

#11 Dolores Hawkins in a fluffed cyclamen wool tweed coat by Tiffeau-Busch, Vogue, July 1958.

#12 Dolores Hawkins in a hand-embroidered golden paisley challis bodice and white organdy skirt with matching turban by James Galanos, Harper’s Bazaar, March 1958.

#13 Dolores Hawkins in a red Enka rayon crêpe dress by Eloise Curtis, Vogue, February 1, 1958.

#14 Dolores Hawkins wearing an empire draped wool dress by R & K Originals, 1958.

#15 Dolores Hawkins in a looped mohair and worsted suit in smoke-blue and chestnut flame tweed by Glenhaven, Vogue, September 15, 1959.

#16 Dolores Hawkins in a Moygashel linen tweed dress and jacket by Larry Aldrich, Vogue, May 1, 1959.

#17 Dolores Hawkins wearing “Snow Ball of Fire” lipstick and Emerald Green eyeshadow stick by Du Barry, Harper’s Bazaar, June 1959.

#18 Dolores Hawkins in a pink nylon cowl-necked nightgown by Rogers, Vogue, November 1, 1959.

#19 Dolores Hawkins pinning up her hair, New York, November 1959.

#20 Dolores Hawkins in a MacShore Classics advertisement, Harper’s Bazaar, 1959.

#23 Dolores Hawkins in a photo intended for collage use, 1959.

#24 Dolores Hawkins in a Ray-Ban sunglasses advertisement, Vogue, May 1, 1959.

#25 Dolores Hawkins with yellow eyeshadow highlighting her face, 1959.

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