Stunning Vintage Photos of High School Teenagers in Des Moines, Iowa, 1947

Step back in time to Des Moines, Iowa, in the year 1947. World War II had ended, and life was slowly returning to normal. But what was lifelike for the average teenager in this Midwestern city? Well, it was quite different from the world we know today.

Imagine a world without smartphones, social media, or even color TV. Teenagers didn’t spend their free time scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching Netflix. Instead, their lives revolved around school, family, friends, and good old-fashioned fun.

School was a big part of life for teenagers in Des Moines. Classes were often strict, with a focus on core subjects like math, English, and history. After school, many teens had part-time jobs to help out their families or save up for college. Some worked at local shops or restaurants, while others helped on family farms.

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The Social Scene

Socializing was a bit different back then too. Forget about texting or DMing; teens in Des Moines met up face-to-face at places like the local soda shop. These were popular hangout spots where friends could grab a milkshake, listen to music on the jukebox, and just chat.

School dances were another big social event. They were a chance for teens to dress up, show off their dance moves, and maybe even snag a date. These dances were often chaperoned by teachers, but that didn’t stop the teens from having a good time.

Fashion in the 1940s was all about classic styles. Girls wore dresses with cinched waists and full skirts, while boys sported suits or sweaters and slacks. Music was also a big part of teenage life. Big band music was popular, and many teens loved to dance to the tunes of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman.

Family played a central role in the lives of teenagers in Des Moines. Many families were close-knit, with everyone pitching in to help around the house and on the farm. Community was also important. People knew their neighbors and looked out for one another.

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