Strange And Bizarre Vehicles From The Past That You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Transportation is one of the most crucial needs of our society. All types of transportation, like bicycles, automobiles, ships, and airplanes have changed our life. The automobile industry has rapidly developed and improved in terms of speed, design, comfort, cheap and overall aesthetic. However, to achieve perfection some solo-inventors worked on several ideas that seem bizarre and strange, but they contributed a lot to the automobile industry. For example, the Urbania 1964, was the smallest car invented by Marquis Piero Bargagli to solve the problem of limited parking space. But the idea failed so badly.

We here at Bygonely have compiled a list of some weird Vehicles from our past including, bubble cars, a giant wheel vehicle, the 12-wheel car only capable of carrying one man, and many more.

Written by Benjamin Grayson

Former Bouquet seller now making a go with blogging and graphic designing. I love creating & composing history articles and lists.

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