Alsatian Women in their Traditional Costumes and beautiful Headdress from the Early 20th Century

The traditional Alsace costume is no longer worn nowadays but remains a symbol of Alsace. The alsatian costume is still proudly worn at regional events and weddings today due to its rigor of dress influenced by German fashions and French aesthetics. Traditionally, women wore colored skirts and white blouses with black aprons. There were different skirts for different religions. According to the liturgical calendar, Catholic Alsatian women will wear the “Kutt,” which is a long red skirt. In contrast, Protestant Alsatian women will wear the “rock,” which is shorter and of green, blue, red or purple color.

The large knot cap is also an essential part of the Alsatian dress. Dress details vary according to religion. Catholics wear headdresses with sides that reach the waist, while Protestants wear black knots with sides that stop at shoulder height. Unmarried girls wear bows with fancy ribbons.

These costumes are regularly displayed at village festivals, and folk-dance shows in several Alsatian towns, much to the delight of tourists.

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