Fascinating Historical Photos Of Vicksburg From 20th Century

Vicksburg is a historic American city in Mississippi state, initially built by French colonists in 1719. During the American Civil War, Vicksburg surrendered during the Vicksburg Campaign, which marked the turning-point of the war. The city faced substantial political, social, and racial unrest after the Civil War. Vicksburg was a major trading city in the late 19th and 20th centuries because of its location on the Mississippi River. During the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, the city served as the primary gathering point for refugees. In 1953 a severe tornado destroyed nearly 1,000 buildings and caused 38 deaths.

Today Vicksburg is a major tourist spot and a shipping center for the surrounding agricultural region. Poultry service, Wood and paper products, light fixtures, and metal products are major industries of the city. Here below are some fascinating historical photos that show what Vicksburg looked like in the early 20th century

#2 View along Washington Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1909

#3 Shamrock (Porterfield residence), Oak Street, northwest elevation, demolished in 1936, Vicksburg, March 29, 1934

#4 Vicksburg waterfront and sternwheeler Peerless, The Mississippi River circa 1909

#5 Vicksburg waterfront, The Mississippi River circa 1909

#6 Unloading cotton at the levee, Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1910

#9 The levee.” And the sternwheeler Falls City, Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1900

#11 Vicksburg Negroes and shop front, Vicksburg, Mississippi, March 1936

#13 Washington Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1910

#14 Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1909

#15 Negro shop fronts, Vicksburg, Mississippi, February 1936

#16 A Mississippi River floating dry dock, Vicksburg, 1905

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