Ralph Crane's Timeless Photos of 1950s Icon Vikki Dougan

Vikki Dougan was a popular American actress and model in the 1950s. She was known for her distinctive “backless” gowns that she wore on the red carpet and in magazines. She was dubbed “The Back” by the press and was a popular pin-up model.

In 1957, Vikki Dougan was photographed by Ralph Crane for LIFE Magazine. The photos captured her in various poses, showcasing her unique style and her famous backless gowns. The photos have become iconic and have been widely reproduced, solidifying Vikki Dougan’s place in the history of fashion and entertainment.

These photos of Vikki Dougan by Ralph Crane are a testament to the glamour and style of the 1950s and showcase a time when Hollywood was at its height. The photos are a perfect representation of the era and remind of the time’s beauty and elegance.

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