When People Submitted Their Actual Photos for Consideration as a TV Weather Forecaster in the 1980s

In the neon-hued, shoulder-padded era of the 1980s, television was a beacon of aspiration and entertainment. The local weather report, a nightly ritual for many, offered a glimpse into the world of broadcasting and the allure of on-screen fame. Photographer Michael Jang’s captivating series, “Summer Weather,” provides a window into this bygone era, capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of everyday people vying for a chance to become the next TV weather forecaster.

A Contest of Dreams

In 1983, a local TV station in San Francisco launched a contest, inviting anyone with a passion for meteorology and a desire for the spotlight to audition for the coveted role of weather reporter. The contest drew a diverse crowd of nearly 100 hopefuls, each with their own unique style, personality, and weather-predicting aspirations.

Jang was tasked with documenting each contestant after their screen test, capturing their hopes, dreams, and vulnerabilities in a single frame. The resulting photographs are a fascinating time capsule of the 1980s, revealing a wide spectrum of emotions and aspirations.

Some contestants exude confidence, their eyes sparkling with the promise of stardom. They pose with practiced smiles, their hair perfectly coiffed, and their outfits meticulously chosen to impress the judges. Others, perhaps overwhelmed by the moment, appear more reserved, their expressions tinged with a hint of nervousness.

What makes “Summer Weather” so captivating is its unflinching portrayal of the awkwardness and authenticity of ordinary people chasing their dreams. Some contestants sport outdated hairstyles and questionable fashion choices, while others struggle to maintain a composed demeanor under the pressure of the camera. These unpolished moments, far from being embarrassing, add a layer of charm and relatability to the photographs.

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