The Prostitutes of Storyville, New Orleans from the 1910s

In the early 1900s, New Orleans’ Storyville district buzzed with a unique energy. It was a place where anything seemed possible, where the lines between vice and virtue blurred.  At its heart were the women of Storyville, the prostitutes who lived and worked within its boundaries. Their lives, often shrouded in mystery and stigma, were captured in a series of haunting photographs by E.J. Bellocq, offering a rare glimpse into a world most only whispered about.

Bellocq, a local photographer known for his commercial work, ventured into the brothels of Storyville with his camera.  His images, often taken in the women’s private rooms, revealed a stark contrast to the glamorous facade of the district. These were not the painted dolls of popular imagination, but real women with complex lives and untold stories..

Unveiled Identities

Some of the women stare directly into the lens, their faces etched with defiance and resilience. Others turn away, their expressions veiled in sadness or resignation. Their attire ranges from simple housedresses to elaborate gowns, hinting at the diverse backgrounds and personalities that converged in this unique corner of New Orleans.

Beyond the Brothel Walls

Bellocq’s photographs offer a glimpse into the everyday lives of these women. We see them posing in their bedrooms, adorned with trinkets and personal belongings, a reminder of their individuality and humanity.  We see them in moments of leisure, reading, sewing, or simply gazing out the window, their thoughts and dreams hidden from view.

In one image, a woman sits on a bed, her hands clasped in her lap, her eyes fixed on something unseen. Her expression is one of quiet contemplation, hinting at the loneliness and isolation that many women in Storyville faced.

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