Fabulous Then and Now Photos of The Long-lasting Couples That Will Believe in Everlasting Love

Trust, harmony, compromises, commitment, and meaningful emotional connection can build an everlasting relationship. There is nothing more wonderful than a bond between two people that goes through many challenges and yet maintain the same instinctive feelings and gain strength with the passage of time. All the relationships require feeling, a small amount of effort every day to nurture the bond. The couples need to recognize that all relationships have their ups and downs, just as we can’t be happy and sad all the time.

Here below are some fabulous before and after photos of the cutest couples that will make your day. It’s pretty obvious that these lucky couples share a long-lasting bond that only a few lucky people will experience. Vote your favorites and don’t forget to share.

#1 Holocaust survivor and soldier who rescued her spend more than 70 years together

#2 Flower girl and ring bearer (in 1995) get married 20 years later

#3 Married the girl of his dreams- they met when they were 3

#6 Married within a month of meeting, Women went blind 10 years in.

#7 Frank and Anita Milford in 2008, on their 80th anniversary

#9 A couple re-created wedding photo on their 60th anniversary

#10 After spending 74 years together Leonard and Hazel Cherry passed away within hours of each other

#11 A couple recreated their wedding photo after 45 years in the same dress.

#12 A couple on their wedding day and 60th anniversary

#13 From honeymoon to 4 children and 6 grandchildren – it’s been a wonderful first 39 years!

#14 A couple then and now. They were high school sweethearts, and have been married over 50 years

#15 Holocaust survivor and soldier who rescued her spend more than 70 years together

#16 This couple recreate their wedding day after 70 years

#18 A married couple during a dance in sixth grade and on the wedding day.

#19 A married couple recreated the photo after 20 years, the girl was wearing the exact same dress

#21 This couple passed away holding hands after 69 years of marriage

#24 Celebrating 40th anniversary by recreating their wedding pics from 1975

#25 Herbert and zelmyra fisher would have celebrated their 87th year of marriage on may 13, 2011, but mr. Fisher passed away on february 27, 2011 at the age of 105. In 2008 they were recognised as the oldest living couple

#26 A couple on their wedding day, and one of the last pictures of them together before she died.

#27 A couple after 40 years later – and that’s original high-school jeans jacket

#30 Katie met joseph at primary school. Now they are married and have a son

#31 A couple met in 1952 at my grandma’s 14th birthday party. They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in june 2018

#34 A couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary

#35 A couple in 1951 when they eloped, and today, 62 years later. Still beautifully and irrevocably in love

#36 Almost 44 years after thje wedding. The wedding dress still fits. 1971 and 2015

#37 From carnival bride and groom in the gillingham carnival in 1926, to 70 years of marriage

#38 The man passed today, shortly after celebrating his 70th wedding anniversary. They are the strongest couple.

#42 40-year vintage – like fine wine and love, some things only get better with time

#44 A married couple for 66 years on their anniversary.

#45 Married 8 months after meeting, still married 40 years today

#46 Woman wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary with her husband. They are a testament to true love and commitment

#47 This couple celebrated their oak anniversary – 80 years in marriage

#48 Both 81 and widowed, women just married her prom date after starting to speak again 64 years later

#51 A couple celebrating 52 years of marriage, 4 homes, 3 kids, 5 grandchildren.

#53 A couple on their wedding day and on their 60th anniversary

#57 A couple on their 50th wedding anniversary. Here they are, age 15 in 1965 and now.

#60 Aubrey and mike were born only 11 days apart in 1989. They started dating in 2012, and got married in july, 2015

#61 Childhood sweethearts Thomas and Irene Howard have been married for 70 years

#62 This couple recreate their wedding day after 60 years

This couple recreate their wedding day after 60 years

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#63 Fifty years apart, still absolutely smitten with each other

Fifty years apart, still absolutely smitten with each other

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