50+ Stunning Photos That Give Glimpse Of Paris In The 1930s

After the 1920s, Paris became a for filmmakers, artists, musicians, and writers. Paris hosted major Olympic Games in 1925 and 1937, which left a mark on Paris architecture and culture. In the 1930s, many immigrants from Russia, Poland, Germany, eastern and central Europe, Portugal, and Spain entered Paris. Even before the First World War, Paris had had a higher proportion of foreign-born inhabitants than other European cities. When the second world war erupted in 1939, it was clear to Parisians that war could not be avoided. The Parisian government distributed gas masks to the civil population in 1939, and signs were posted showing the location of bomb shelters in future air raids. These beautiful photographs perfectly capture the streets, nights, people, and everyday life of Paris in the 1930s.

#30 Les Galeries Lafayette (a Parisian department store that’s been open since 1895), here in 1929

#31 Les Folies Bergère, the theater where Josephine Baker performed, at night in 1929

#33 And another shot, which allows you to see a bit more surrounding the Moulin Rouge

#35 It would appear that in 1926, Citroen, the French automobile manufacturer, rented out space on the Eiffel Tower to advertise

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