Rare Historical Photos Of Old Richmond, Virginia From Late 19th And Early 20th Century

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia, founded in 1737, at the falls of the James River. It served as the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Richmond was a heavily industrialized and rapidly growing city in the mid-19th century. The city had a large number for woolen mills, tobacco and cotton warehouses, and iron factories. By the 1880s, the city had a population of over 60,000. Richmond was the first city that successfully made the first electrically powered trolley, which opened its first line in January 1888 and replaced the horsecars. By the early 20th century, Richmond had an extensive network of electric streetcars. In 1914, Richmond became the headquarters of the Fifth District of the Federal Reserve Bank. During the Great Depression, the economy of Richmond was disrupted, and the tobacco industry helped the city to recover.

Here below are some historical photos of old Richmond, Virginia, that capture street, roads, buildings, landmarks, and everyday life from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

#2 Ladies Hollywood Memorial Association, a monument to Confederate dead, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, circa 1905

#28 Federal soldier guarding Whitworth gun on wharf awaiting shipment, Richmond, Virginia, April 1865

#32 A closeup of the young ladies shown in an earlier post of the Canal Bridge at Seventh Street in Richmond, Virginia, Spring 1865

#35 Children on Canal Bridge at the foot of Seventh Street in Richmond after the fall of the city, Spring 1865

#36 Belle Isle railroad bridge from the south bank of the James River after the fall of Richmond, Spring 1865

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